Nuaire expands new range of wall-mounted MVHR solutions

MRXBOX95-WM2 image

UK market leader in ventilation solutions, Nuaire, has revealed the newest mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR) system that will extend its latest range of wall-mounted products created specifically for the modern needs of residential architects and building designers.

The MRXBOX95-WM2 is a high efficiency, low power and low noise product. Part of Nuaire's wall-mounted range of discreet MVHR solutions, it has been designed to help meet current new-build regulations while providing energy-efficient, quality ventilation in modern residential build set-ups. This latest unit will cater for homes with up to five wet rooms, adding to the product range which already includes the smaller WALL unit, a compact solution for smaller homes, and the powerful WH1, which is capable of ventilating homes with up to seven wet rooms.

Each product in the cost-effective range provides a whole-house heat recovery system, combining supply and extract in one unit. This economically designed system delivers fresh tempered air into living areas while extracting moisture-laden and stale air, creating a more comfortable and healthy living environment as well as saving the amount of space needed for more conventional units that deliver similar benefits.

The addition of this new product to the MVHR range means that Nuaire can now offer a ventilation solution to meet the varying requirements of small, medium, large and three storey properties - maintaining more choice and better value for home builders and residential architects.

In addition, its use of the latest low watt DC fan technology with long life motors means that the entire range operates quietly while ensuring a more efficient and effective ventilation solution. The DC fans not only significantly reduce power consumption, but also lower operating and life-cycle costs, increasing each unit's value for money.

Wendy Thomas, residential product manager, said: "At Nuaire we are acutely aware of the challenges that are presented by the latest residential housing regulations and, as a result, we are consistently striving to achieve the smallest, quietest and most cost effective ventilation solution without compromising on air quality and speed.

"This latest product compliments our economically designed range of wall-mounted products made specifically for residential use, and adds yet another string to our bow as we strive to offer the most cost-effective and wide variety of solutions - making sure that we have a product that will cater for any residential design and any level of ventilation."

Nuaire offers the widest range of MVHRs of any UK manufacturer and can provide solutions for all property types and sizes. It also offers a complementary code advisory service, CPD Seminars, together with a full design and supply solution package, simple user guides to ensure trouble-free use and a five year warranty to ensure the customer's peace of mind.

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