Extract Fans

Using intermittent extract fans is a cost-effective method of ventilating properties and meeting building regulations. Extract fans fall under ‘System 1’ in Part F of building regulations.

We offer a wide range of fans for all wall, ceiling and window applications, all utilising the latest energy-saving technology. Our extract fans are simple and quick to install making them a cost-effective ventilation solution for houses and apartments.

Using our fans will ensure your property is well-ventilated and free from condensation and indoor pollutants, helping you to meet current building regulations.

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The Cyfan is the very latest technology in extract ventilation. This fully customisable fan is suitable for all wet room applications, and can be switched from a powerful kitchen extract fan capable of achieving 60l/s, to a low volt fan suitable for Splash Zones 1 & 2.

This flexible fan can run on either continuous or intermittent operation for multiple purposes. In continuous mode Cyfan is the ideal partner to your Positive Input Ventilation system if an extract fan is required to prevent condensation and mould in your home, In intermittent mode, Cyfan can be set to boost automatically when extra ventilation is needed in kitchens and bathrooms, maintaining low humidity levels with powerful extract rates.

With multiple installation options, including window and recess kits, Cyfan is suitable for any property layout. A unique side spigot kit even allows adjoining wet rooms to be ventilated with one fan. These clever functions have earned Cyfan the title of most powerful mulit-function extract fan on the market with independent testing and certification by BRE and thanks to our energy saving technology, Cyfan costs very little to run approximately less than £3 per year.

Suitable Applications:

  • Wall, window and ceiling mounting extract fans for bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms and toilets.
  • Options for use in high rise apartments with wind load conditions.
  • Various options for continuous and manual operation.
  • Low-energy options that can help you achieve a good SAP score.


New houses are being built with better construction methods and are more airtight, which can lead to condensation dampness and poor indoor air quality if adequate ventilation is not provided.

Extract fans are fitted in a dwelling’s ‘wet rooms’ and provide rapid extraction of moisture and pollutants. An efficient extract fan will remove moisture from the air, preventing condensation and the associated problems and improving the indoor air quality.

Nuaire’s range of extract fans are designed to operate in conjunction with "rapid ventilation" such as openable windows and "background ventilation" such as trickle vents in windows. Installing single room extract fans will help you meet the minimum ventilation requirements in current Building Regulations, and are a simple and cost-effective method of doing so.

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Domestic Axial Twin - Bathroom Extract Fan


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Domestic Axial Single Speed Bathroom Extract Fan


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