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Ventilation Solutions for Schools and Universities

Schools, colleges or universities - all education buildings come with their own set of specific ventilation design challenges.

Education buildings can be some of the most diverse, with most of them having classrooms, kitchens, canteens, halls, gymnasiums and often even swimming pools. Our wide range of education ventilation solutions makes specification simple.

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We understand that schools aren’t just classrooms

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The latest iteration of BB101: Ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality document discusses the types of ventilation strategies that can be adopted to meet building design requirements.

If classrooms are adjacent to a busy road or there are high levels of air pollution around the school, we suggest instead using a unit with demand control ventilation. A heat recovery unit such as one from our XBOXER XBC range would filter incoming pollutants whilst also ensuring guaranteed airflow throughout the classroom.

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School Kitchen

Due to the number of pollutants in the air, kitchens tend to have very specific ventilation requirements. A bifurcated fan with the motor out of the airstream is a typical solution, as it means that pollutants such as grease do not clog up the motor – something that can result in fan failure over time.

Our Squif range of extract fans have this exact feature and are also available for high temperature smoke applications.

School Science Lab

Science Lab

Controlling air quality in a laboratory can be difficult, but is of vital importance. Laboratory air pollutants create not only a negative wellbeing, but can also be very dangerous to the health of students.

Laboratories require demand control ventilation so that ventilation is guaranteed and can be controlled via pollutant sensors. Our XBOXER XBC range of heat recovery units are suitable for mounting in shallow voids above classrooms and are powerful enough to ensure a high standard of indoor air quality, but are also quiet enough as not to disturb pupils in the laboratory.

School Sports Hall

Sports Halls

Large rooms with large numbers of occupants require ventilation all year round. Exercise performed in the space creates high levels of pollutants such as CO2 and odours which must be removed.

Sports halls are large spaces, therefore a high volume of air movement is often required to satisfy regulations and considerations. To not waste energy through running the unit when the space is not in use, it is good practice to use occupancy sensors and pollutant sensors (such as CO2 sensors) which control when units are active. This will prevent them running when ventilation is not required.

As well as this, it is good practice to select a unit with heat recovery, as to keep a high level of thermal efficiency. Our BPS range of packaged Air Handling Units are perfect for environments such as sports halls as they are able to provide a high volume of air movement and do so with high efficiency. Units are also completely controllable via a choice control platforms, resulting in further energy savings.

School Swimming Pool

Swimming Pools

As well as having high levels of humidity, swimming pools also have high levels of chlorine in the air which can be corrosive to the metal casing of ventilation systems.

When the air is corrosive, such as coastal areas with salt air or pools with chlorine in the air, special coatings are required to combat any possible corrosion. Our Boxer Bespoke range of AHUs can be coated for such applications, please contact Nuaire for more information on 02920858200.

School Toilets


Toilets and WCs in schools are high use areas which can fill with indoor air pollutants and odours very quickly if not ventilated correctly.

Twin fans technology, originally invented by Nuaire in 1973, is standard practice for areas such as toilets. Duty share of the two fans within the unit mean that the fan continues to work in the event of one fan failing. Our Aire-Volve Twin range of twin fan units provide a high duty and ultra-low noise levels.

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