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Nuaire Expands Xboxer Heat Recovery Range

Nuaire, has expanded its market-leading Xboxer heat recovery range with the addition of the UNI-X unit, which has now been rebranded to Xboxer Universal.

Xboxer Universal

Originally launched in 2017 as a ventilation solution for student accommodation, the UNI-X has been a favourite amongst Nuaire’s customers, even becoming an Innovation of the Year finalist at the Student Accommodation Awards. Since its launch, the UNI-X has proven to be a suitable solution across a far wider range of applications than ever anticipated, including schools, hospitals, offices, care homes, and apartments. In line with its widespread appeal, Nuaire has rebranded the UNI-X units as Xboxer Universal, part of the Xboxer heat recovery range.

Fans of this innovative heat recovery unit will be pleased to know its construction and performance retain the quality that has made it so popular, with high efficiencies, low SFPs and ultra-low noise levels. The latter is a result of the Xboxer Universal’s unique casing consisting of internal profiling and external acoustic cladding.

UNI-X Heat Recovery Unit Range

Xboxer Universal is available in three models - UNIX-220, UNIX-360 and UNIX-580 - with the largest model having enough duty to ventilate a cluster of up to 12 rooms. The easy to use three speed controls are included as a standard feature, allowing full adjustability for site requirements. Each size is equipped with an integral mounting bracket, helping to reduce installation time no matter the project. Multiple spigot options are available, making the unit fully compatible with circular or rectangular ducting.

The various sizes allow customers greater flexibility when choosing a suitable unit for their space. The UNI-X580 will enable sites to ventilate a large cluster of rooms with just one system. Innovative space saving solutions mean the unit needs a maximum depth of 295mm, enabling it to fit neatly into low ceiling voids. Once installed, the unit is easy to maintain with the G3 filter accessible from the underside of the unit, meaning the highest indoor air quality levels can be maintained.

The Xboxer Universal range is enhanced by Nuaire’s in-line carbon filter range, IAQ-BOX, which filters out up to 99.5% of harmful N02 and up to 80% of Particulate Matter (PM). Nuaire’s all-in-one thermal ducting range, Ductmaster Thermal, can also be specified to improve thermal efficiency and reduce installation time.

Xboxer Universal is the latest addition to Nuaire’s Xboxer family whose combination of innovative design, flexible control options and high efficiency, make it an award winning, market-leading heat recovery solution.

Xboxer XBC+ which has the lowest depth by duty unit on the market, for a space saving solution. All are designed to filter clean air into a building whilst extracting stale air from the interior, retaining heat that would otherwise be lost.

If you would like to know more about our Xboxer Universal range please get in touch.
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