Axial Fans

We offer a range of high performance axial fans from 250mm to 2400mm diameter that will suit applications up to 120 m3/s duty range.

A robust and reliable solution, our ‘AXUS’ range is ideal for stairwell extract, lift shaft, gymnasiums, warehouses  and areas where a high volume of air needs to be moved in low pressure ducting systems.

Axial fan designs offer vast flexibility in case size, case material, blade type, blade angle, blade material, motor position, motor type, and overall product specification.  Nuaire also supply EN12101 tested and ATEX compliant axials.

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AXUS Range

Nuaire’s Axial fans offer a wide range of standard axial fans, matching every application and offering the maximum efficiency to save more energy. The range includes Axus Long Cased  Axial Fans, Bifurcated Axial Flow Fans and Ezplate Fans.

AXUS Long Cased Axial Fans offer a massive range of high performance axial fans to suit every application. The fan impeller and IE2/IE3 motors are highly energy-efficient, while the long-life heavy gauge galvanised steel construction ensures strength, durability and protection from damage.

As well as long-cased axials, the AXUS range has options for contra-rotating, and run/standby listed. The AXUS fan range is complimented with a wide choice of optional ancillaries including attenuation, anti-vibration mounts, and speed controls/inverters.

Bifurcated Axial Fans

Bifurcated Axial Flow Fans offer high performance, low maintenance, ‘motor out of airstream’ ventilation for complete piece of mind. The standard unit is suitable for temperatures of up to 90ºC, while the high temperature options are available up to 230ºC

The ‘motor out of airstream’ design ensures that unit is not affected by contaminants, yet is easily accessible.



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OEM AXUS Agriculture

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High Temperature Axial AXUS Range

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OEM Axus Ambient

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