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Nuaire manufacturing engineers

Our Culture

Our culture is the stuff of legend; it drives our success and we take great care in developing and nurturing it.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Nuaire is committed to diversity and inclusivity and its strategy focusses on bringing new talent into the business and nurturing them. The latter is assisted through its membership of The 5% Club, where it aspires to achieve 5% of its workforce in ‘earn and learn’ positions within five years of joining.

People Power

Nuaire’s loyal and highly skilled workforce is the key attribute to its success in delivering clean air solutions. With 500+ employees, Nuaire is the largest employer in Caerphilly and is proud to have generations of families working for the company. 10% of its workforce have served 25+ years. Employee welfare is an important priority and Nuaire has developed a comprehensive employee welfare programme that includes an onsite Occupational Health Therapist and a Physiotherapist, plus it is rolling out a Health Assured scheme.

Looking to the Future

With an increasing understanding and awareness of the impacts of indoor air quality (IAQ) on our physical and mental health, the ventilation industry has never been more important. As a UK ventilation solutions manufacturer, Nuaire constantly adapts to meet the new challenges revealed by research into IAQ that is directly applicable to this country. Nuaire will continue to pioneer new air technology and to set the standard in clean air and energy-efficient ventilation products.

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About Nuaire

Established in 1966, Nuaire is a UK based ventilation solutions provider designing and manufacturing products for the domestic, commercial and industrial construction sectors.

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