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Heat Recovery (MVHR) System

Nuaire’s MVHR systems provide optimised, balanced ventilation with heat recovery with 95% efficiency.

Heat Recovery (MVHR) Products

Why Choose MVHR?

Our systems will quietly and efficiently provide the home with fresh, filtered air all year round, improving the indoor air quality and reduce dust and allergen levels.

Nuaire offers the widest range of MVHR systems available in the UK, designed to suit every size and type of property - from small apartments to homes with up to seven wet rooms.

The benefits include:

  • Industry-leading noise levels – essential as MVHR systems are constant-running
  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to install
  • Fan controls designed for quick and easy commissioning
  • Options for 100% summer bypass and integral frost protection
  • Low maintenance and easy access filters (no tools required)

Installing a MVHR system will help you to achieve a high score in SAP, and to comply with Building Regulations Part F & L.

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