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Breathe Better, Live Better

Indoor air quality and ventilation manufacturing specialist Nuaire is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s World Ventil8 Day, being held on 8th November.

World Ventil8 Day aims to raise awareness of the importance of ventilation as a crucial part of enabling health and wellbeing of people

This is just the second year for World Ventil8 Day, with its inaugural year in 2022 generating substantial media coverage, reaching 25 million people across social media, and attracting high profile engagement from leading politicians and the UK’s Chief Scientist, Sir Patrick Vallance.

World Ventil8 Day was initiated by a group of researchers and professional bodies who are passionate about the importance of ventilation; including The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) – of whom Nuaire is a member – which is driving this important awareness building day. Commenting on the decision to be a sponsor of this year’s World Ventil8 Day, Jessica Cook, Nuaire Strategic Marketing Director, said: “Nuaire has long been a champion of initiatives to improve indoor air quality. Whilst we spend the majority of our time inside, the effects of poor indoor air quality on health are not fully understood, although the research that has been undertaken has provided evidence of links to increased risk of respiratory and cardiovascular illness, cognitive impairment and cancer. Removing the source of pollutants from our indoor environments is not straightforward as sources vary hugely. What we do know though, is that good ventilation can disperse and expel indoor pollutants. World Ventil8 Day promotes this message, highlighting good ventilation practices. We are proud to be sponsoring this campaign and aim to build on the success of last year’s first ever World Ventil8 Day.”

As a sponsor, Nuaire will be actively engaged in promoting World Ventil8 Day across different media channels, including participating in a ‘talking heads’ series addressing the challenges currently faced in relation to air quality and ventilation.

To find out more about about World Ventilation Day get in touch.
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