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Whether you require a simple extract fan for a small shop, heat recovery units for a large department store, or even a Bespoke centralised Air Handling system for a huge shopping mall, we have a solution.


Retail spaces are often filled with a large amount of people

Retail spaces, such as shops and shopping centres, are often filled with a large amount of people. Because of this, it’s important that adequate ventilation is achieved to ensure the most pleasant shopping experience for occupants and a suitable work environment for retail employees.


Individual Flower Shop

Individual Shop

Small smalls, even those with a relatively small amount of foot traffic through the space, should have a level of ventilation to ensure a high level of indoor air quality.

Even a small ducted extract system can help remove CO2 and other unwanted pollutants from the space, keeping a pleasant atmosphere in the shop for both shoppers and staff. A Nuaire DAVE unit, with constant trickle and boost set to a PIR would ensure air pollutants are not allowed to build up in the space.

Fruit and Vegetables in a supermarket


Supermarkets have a high foot traffic of people, from morning until night. A lot of Supermarkets are also open 24/7, so constant trickle ventilation is a must. A Heat Recovery Unit servicing main shopping areas and staff areas will prevent any build-up of CO2 or other air pollutants.

Supermarkets often have open freezer sections which will reduce the internal temperature of the store. A Heat Recovery Unit with high levels of heat recovery will help recover a level of heat that would usually be lost when extracting air. Nuaire XBC units have heat recovery levels of up to 95% and would eliminate the need to continuously heat the space, reducing energy costs.

Shopping Center

Shopping Centre

Shopping centres can be extremely large areas to ventilate. With costs for renting spaces calculated by floor area, space is also a premium.

Because of this, it is sometimes better to opt for a single centralised AHU located in a plant room, negating the need for each shop to have its own ventilation system. Shopping centres are varied in size, so requirements are probably going to be project

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