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Office Ventilation Solutions

Office workers spend hundreds of hours each year indoors. Because of this, it’s important that indoor air quality and occupant wellbeing is always a priority for building designers.

Office & Commercial ventilation solutions

Office workers spend hundreds of hours each year indoors

Nuaire fans are in hundreds of offices around the UK and globally, Our extensive range of ventilation systems are designed to make your project selection easier. For more help and advice contact us today.

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Working office


As well as the obvious health benefits of having adequate ventilation in an office space, there are numerous studies which show that those who work in a space with a high level of indoor air quality are more comfortable, and therefore more productive. Workers in a well ventilated space are also less likely to become sick.

For the constant removal of stale, pollutant-laden air and the supply of fresh, clean air, we suggest a heat recovery unit, such as our XBC range. These units will ensure the air is always fresh whilst maintaining comfortable thermal levels with high levels of heat recovery. Systems can also be wired to sensors or enablers so that units only run during working hours.

Call Centre working office

Call Centre

Can be large sprawling areas full of people and computer equipment. Inadequate ventilation can result in a build-up of not only heat in the space, but also CO₂. Keeping indoor air quality and thermal comfort in dense work places is not just important for wellbeing, but also for productivity – it is proven that by removing indoor air pollutants improves employee productivity.

To guarantee not only the removal of air pollutants, but also a consistent supply of fresh, filtered air a supply and extract Air Handling Unit is a suitable solution. Our BPS range of AHUs are high performance and high efficiency, making them a cost-effective solution for large areas.

Office Block

Office Block

If you are designed a centralised approach around a whole office block, with the concept of extracting or supplying air to the whole building an AHU is more likely the answer.

Office buildings are varied in shape and size, with some being built to purpose. Because of this a more bespoke approach is required. Our Boxer Bespoke range of AHUs are custom to your project requirements.

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In commercial spaces can have a high amount of foot traffic throughout the day. It is important that ventilation is installed in these spaces, not only for occupant comfort, but also as a matter of health and safety.

Twin Fans are standard practice in areas such as toilet and WCs as they can guarantee ventilation. In the event of fan failure, the unit can continue running with just one fan. Nuaire has been the leaders in Twin Fans since we invented the technology in the 1970s – our AVT range of Twin Fans are the pinnacle of this technology.

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