Roof Fans

Nuaire offer a wide range of unobtrusive, low profile roof mounted ventilation systems that are fully weatherproof and offer a wide duty range.

Nuaire also offers dedicated roof fan product lines which are mounted onto curbs and upstands with cowled or vertical discharge outlets, with duty ranges typically ranging from 0.3m3/s to 9.2m3/s.

Roof fans are an ideal choice when the roof penetration is required to be terminated at the fan itself, removing the necessity for additional ductwork, minimising the special requirements for the system.

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The Range

Terminator is a stylish and low-profile fan with a tough GRP cowl that is UV resistant. A wide range of impeller types together with matching silencers provides a ultra-quite acoustic solution. The range is compatible with Ecosmart controls, allowing other fans and AHUs to interact directly with the Terminator.

The cowl can be wall-mounted vertically for exposed weather conditions, and a range of soaker sheets and flashing plates make it suitable for all roof profiles.

Alongside our standard roof fan range, many of our product ranges have the option to be roof-mounted and are weatherproof. These include certain Heat Recovery Units, Twin Fans, AHUs and supply and extract systems.

The new Boxer Packaged Solutions (BPS) horizontal unit allows designers to install air handling units discretely on roof tops with the majority of the plant out of site below parapets.



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Horizontal Discharge Extract Roof Fan (NALRF)

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