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Haven range

HAVEN Ventilation

Designed by Nuaire, Haven helps meet your specific IAQ requirements, while creating healthy, comfortable indoor environments.

What is Haven Ventilation?

Haven is a range of products designed to help optimise new or existing ventilation methods.
Haven products are best suited to projects with specific or demanding air quality requirements. Advanced filtration and innovative distribution methods helps tackle difficult ventilation problems, such as guaranteeing ventilation effectiveness on your project.

HAVEN Ventilation - Terminal Product

Haven Terminals

Flagship of the Haven range is the Haven Supply and Extract Terminals.

Using an innovative patent-approved method for air distribution, Haven Terminals are a unique concept that makes it easy to deliver targeted, filtered ventilation in shared spaces. By delivering air to each occupant in the space and extracting at a low level, Terminals create fresh air zones, keeping locally generated pollutants away from other occupants. This method ensures all occupants are breathing safe and healthy air.

Haven IAQ Module

Designed to compliment the Haven Terminals range, Haven IAQ Module is a range of in-line duct-mounted filtration solution, allowing for advanced filtration to a space. Modules are ideal for projects with higher filtration requirements such as those in built-up areas.

Matched for use with the XBC+ range of products, but suitable for use with all ventilation systems, Haven IAQ Modules have multiple filter options – from G4 all the way up to activated carbon.

HAVEN Ventilation - IAQ Module

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