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HAVEN Ventilation

Ventilation is key for improving air movement and reducing indoor air pollution in commercial buildings. Designed by Nuaire, HAVEN optimised ventilation solutions help meet your specific IAQ (indoor air quality) requirements while creating healthy, comfortable indoor work environments.

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Improving indoor air quality

HAVEN is a range of products designed to help optimise new or existing ventilation methods. HAVEN products are best suited to projects with specific or demanding air quality requirements. Advanced filtration and innovative distribution methods help tackle difficult ventilation problems, such as guaranteeing ventilation effectiveness on your project.

Why optimising ventilation matters

For optimum ventilation, you should be using ventilation as efficiently as possible for your needs. It may sound obvious but the truth remains much bigger than that. There are various ventilation solutions that maximise them as much as you can. Optimized ventilation provides building occupants with high air quality at an affordable price without affecting other components of an HVAC system such as air conditioning and heating. Optimised ventilation can also help create more comfortable environments for breathing in air.

If your commercial project requires an efficient and effective ventilation system, then take a look at our HAVEN product range or get in touch with our friendly customer service team to find out more.

Optimised ventilation solutions

HAVEN Terminals

The flagship of the HAVEN range is the Haven Supply and Extract Terminals.

Using an innovative patent-approved method for air distribution, HAVEN Terminals is a unique concept that makes it easy to reduce indoor air pollutants and deliver targeted, filtered ventilation in shared spaces. By delivering air to each occupant in the space and extracting at a low level, Terminals create fresh air zones, keeping locally generated pollutants away from other occupants. This method ensures all occupants are breathing safe and healthy air.

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HAVEN IAQ Ventilation Module

Designed to complement the HAVEN Terminals range, HAVEN IAQ Module is a range of in-line duct-mounted filtration solutions, allowing for advanced filtration to a space. Modules are ideal for projects with higher filtration requirements such as those in built-up areas and commercial buildings. Matched for use with the XBC+ range of products, but suitable for use with all ventilation systems, HAVEN IAQ Modules have multiple filter options – from G4 all the way up to activated carbon.

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What is the difference between IAQ and IEQ?

IAQ (indoor air quality) products focus on improving indoor air quality, whereas IEQ (indoor environmental quality) products focus on indoor environmental conditions. These include environmental factors such as lighting, conditioned air, sound levels and thermal comfort. Our HAVEN ventilation range focusses on improving indoor air quality without impacting existing products like air conditioning and heating.

Why choose HAVEN ventilation systems?

Improve indoor air quality

HAVEN improves indoor air quality by providing natural ventilation as the innovative filtration removes polluted air and delivers fresh air to multiple occupant spaces.

Cost-effective solutions

HAVEN ventilation solutions are for new and existing buildings. Designed to optimise ventilation from one system and extract fresh air at a low level, HAVEN ventilation methods help reduce energy costs and the impact on your business.

Exceptional standards

As the first fan manufacturer in the UK to achieve the ISO9001 quality standard, our ventilation solutions are renowned for their quality and minimal impact on the environment.

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If you have any questions about HAVEN ventilation products or would like more advice on which solutions are best for your project, then get in touch with our dedicated customer service team.
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