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Commercial Car Park and Smoke Fans - nuaire

Car park & Smoke Fans

Nuaire offers reliable and low-energy smoke products for underground car parks

Smoke Fans

Smoke Fans

About Smoke Fans

Our Smoke fan and car park fans have been tested in accordance with the latest legislation and testing procedures, to ensure ventilation that you can trust.

We offers market leading products to control daily levels of pollutants in car parks. It has been designed to keep carbon monoxide and other contaminants within acceptable limits, by channeling the flow of fumes towards a designated exhaust point.

The powerful system also incorporates features that would be essential in the event of an emergency. If a car were to catch fire inside the car park, systems can be designed to a pre-determined fire load and fans strategically located and operated to create a virtual smoke barrier. This would ensure the smoke spread is limited and is cleared quickly and effectively while keeping the rest of the car park smoke-free, enabling it to be evacuated quickly and safely.

Nuaire Car Park Ventilation Video

Case Studies

New Nuaire Case Study - Abu Dhabi

Deerfields Mall, Abu Dhabi

Deerfields Town Square Mall will incorporate more than 200 outlets in approximately 80,000sqm of new retail space

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