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Car park ventilation & smoke extract fans

At Nuaire, we provide car park ventilation systems and smoke extract fans to prevent the build-up of pollutants and control smoke density inside the car park.

Cark park ventilation

Car parks need efficient ventilation solutions for smoke control and fire safety purposes. At Nuaire, we provide car park ventilation systems and smoke extract fans to prevent the build-up of pollutants and control smoke density inside the car park.

Find out why it’s important to have adequate ventilation inside car parks and more about our commercial ventilation systems and smoke extract fans for car parks.

Why do car parks need ventilation?

To reduce air pollution

Despite the fact that modern cars are fitted with catalytic converters, vehicles often still produce a surprising amount of harmful pollutants and can be hard to control in enclosed car parks. A ventilation system can help control pollution and improve air quality inside car parks.

To prevent fire spreads

One of the biggest hazards in the event of a car park fire is smoke inhalation. Our smoke control systems supply air and provide a flexible directional flow to respond to any fire location; containing, channelling and removing the smoke to facilitate safe evacuation and more efficient access during firefighting operations.

To ensure safety

When it comes to car park ventilation, safety is a matter of adequate smoke ventilation. It's important that there is quality air movement and supply, especially in enclosed and underground car parks, to ensure the car park is safe.

Our car park ventilation systems remove combustible gasses, fuel spill vapours and combusted fuel particles and improve air quality to ensure a safe environment.

What are the rules for ventilation in a car park?

Natural ventilation should be provided in car parks. As a British standard, car parks should have a permanent opening at each level with air ventilation. Car parks are also legally required to have smoke extraction and ventilation systems in place that must achieve at least 10 air changes per hour (ACH). The ventilation system must efficiently control and clear smoke to ensure the car park is safe at all times.

Ventilation solution for car parks

At Nuaire, we provide car parks with ventilation solutions that are cost-effective and meet building regulations, so you can be sure that they meet British standards and provide natural smoke ventilation throughout the floor area during the event of a fire.

Benefits of jet fan ventilation systems

Our jet fans are used as smoke control systems that provide fire safety and improve air supply within car parks. Impulse systems are used to control and remove pollutants, such as carbon monoxide on a day-to-day basis, all whilst ensuring that in an emergency situation smoke is removed quickly and efficiently - aiding in the safe evacuation of occupants.
Take a look at the benefits of our smoke ventilation systems, how they work, their system design and how they manage pollution and temperature control in car parks.

Managing carbon monoxide and air pollution control

It's important that carbon monoxide levels are controlled in the car park environment. In day-to-day operation, the system runs at low speed, ensuring carbon monoxide and other contaminants are within acceptable limits. Control is via strategically placed detectors. If a fire starts in one of the vehicles and smoke spreads, the ventilation system starts.

Improving safety in the event of a fire

The smoke detection system will identify the situation, activate the fire alarm system and then switch the mechanical ventilation to smoke mode.

Ensuring fire safety throughout the car park design

Suitable for underground car parks and enclosed car parks, smoke detectors throughout the car park identify the units which are located at the affected fire zone and increase their fan speed to maximum.

Improving air movement

The smoke is contained and directed towards the main exhaust unit where it can be safely extracted into the atmosphere. This minimises the spread of smoke within the car park, keeping large areas clear and enabling the area to be quickly and safely evacuated.

For more information on how our car park ventilation solutions work, contact our team who can provide more guidance and knowledge.

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What are the benefits of induction ventilation systems?

Similar to impulse fans, induction systems use backwards curved impellers that are suitable for high-thrust applications with high ceilings. Units draw the air upwards, providing a more effective method of extracting the smoke than a standard jet or axial installation. Because of this increased performance and efficiency, fewer units are required, resulting in reduced project installation and maintenance costs.

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