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Hotel ventilation solutions

Hotels and leisure resorts are designed around comfort and relaxation, so why is it that air quality is often overlooked? Nuaire solutions are designed around maximum occupant wellbeing.
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Hotels are designed to run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Because of this, and because comfort is such a priority in leisure environments, ventilation is a must a majority of the time. For help and advice, contact the team today.


hospitality and hotel ventilation systems - Ventilation solutions for Guest Bedrooms - nuaire

Guest rooms

Hotels often have hundreds of guest rooms and ventilating this many rooms can consume a massive amount of energy. Rather than having an extract fan in each guest room, we suggest a centralised constant pressure system in the form of a single air handling unit, located serving each of the guest rooms in the hotel at once.

To stop rooms being ventilated if nobody is in their room, rooms are fitted with occupancy sensors linked to in-duct constant volume dampers. When someone enters the room, the sensor tells the damper to open and start ventilating the space. The system will then adjust the airflow accordingly to ensure all rooms are receiving the same airflow. This way, the space is only ventilated when occupied, saving energy and improving efficiency.

Our BPS packaged Air Handling Units come with constant pressure as standard on models with Connect and Adapt controls and are the perfect solution to ventilating multiple rooms at once.

ventilation systems for the hospitality sector - Ventilation solutions for Communal Areas - nuaire

Communal areas

Bars, lounges and nightclubs can be completely full of people. They are also areas commonly known for having no windows and therefore no natural ventilation, so mechanical ventilation is a must.

A heat recovery unit, such as our tried-and-tested XBC range, is perfectly suited for this application, as not only will units extract stale air from the space, it will also ensure a consistent supply of fresh air. Certain bars have food hatches or direct connections to kitchens. In these instances, it is important to consider whether design requirements change. Our Squif range of bifurcated fans have the motor out of the airstream, meaning it cannot be damaged by air pollutants such as grease.

Ventilation solutions for Stairwells - nuaire


In the case of a fire, stairwells must be kept smoke-free to ensure they are safe fire escape routes. Nuaire has a vast selection of stairwell pressurisation and smoke extract axials for multi-floor requirements.

Ventilation solutions for Kitchens - nuaire


Kitchens produce a high number of hazardous air pollutants, known as ‘cooking fumes’ which are full of particulate matter or PM. If inhaled, particulate matter can be extremely detrimental to health, so it is important that particulates are removed from the space. In kitchen environments it is best practice to use a bifurcated extract fan. Bifurcated fans, such as our Squif range, are ideal as the motor is out of the airstream and cannot be damaged by the grease-laden air present in kitchens.

Nuaire Squif fans are also available in high temperature models for smoke removal applications. Having adequate ventilation in hotel kitchens will ensure that no air pollutants spill into adjacent restaurants, affecting a guest’s experience.

Ventilation solutions for Gyms - nuaire


Hotel gyms should be an escape for guests, but are often cramped and see a large amount of occupants at a single time. Often without any windows for natural ventilation, spaces with lots of exercising occupants can see a build-up of CO2 and other air pollutants. Adequate ventilation will ensure that stale air is removed, preventing the space from filling with unwanted air pollutants and odours. A Boxer Bespoke Air Handling Unit from Nuaire can be designed around your exact requirements, based on the exact size of the space and the number of expected occupants.

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