Nuaire launches market-changing MVHR solution for apartments


UK market leader in energy-efficient ventilation systems, Nuaire has announced the launch of its latest whole-house mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR) product for apartments, which will offer architects and consultants greater flexibility in their designs due to its very low depth.

The new MRXBOX95-LP1 offers the lowest specific fan power of any low-profile void-mounted MVHR system and is specifically designed to fit easily into apartments with ceiling void restrictions where space is at a premium.

A recent study by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) stated that of the eight key benefits for homebuyers, storage was top of the list. Nuaire's latest MVHR system will free up valuable storage space for homeowners whilst providing high performance ventilation for up to six wet rooms. It will also avoid the need for designers to make allowances in their initial designs or make costly alterations by having to lower ceilings to fit other MVHR units.

The MRXBOX95-LP1 will achieve low specific fan power in SAP Appendix Q to assist in meeting Part L 2010 Building Regulations and in achieving Code 3 and above in the Code for Sustainable Homes. 

Combining supply and extract in one unit, the MRXBOX95-LP1 works to deliver tempered air into living areas, whilst extracting moisture laden air from wet areas, to create a healthy and comfortable living environment.

Using the latest technology of low watt DC fans, the product operates quietly and uses long life motors to ensure efficient and effective ventilation. The DC fans not only reduce power consumption significantly but also lower operating and life cycle costs.

Wendy Thomas, residential product manager at Nuaire, said: "This latest product launch demonstrates our commitment to providing innovative product solutions to meet the wide ranging needs of our customers.  As city populations increase, so consultants and architects are faced with further reductions in space when designing apartments.

"Ceiling void restrictions and the need for storage space for occupants were therefore the chief concerns for Nuaire when designing the new MRXBOX95-LP1.  Not only is this a high quality product, but its ultra-low profile will offer greater flexibility to designers and will free up valuable space within the home."

This latest addition to Nuaire's intelligent range of MRXBOX95 products has been designed to meet the demands of apartment builders, developers and social housing providers, further enhancing the company's heat recovery portfolio, which now encompasses units for every conceivable size and type of residential building.

Nuaire also offers a complementary code advisory service, CPD Seminars, together with a full design and supply solution package, simple user guides to ensure trouble-free use and a five year warranty to ensure the customer's peace of mind.

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