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Nuaire Thinks Inside the Box With BPS

Leading ventilation manufacturer, Nuaire has announced an extension to its pre-selected catalogue range of air handling units, Boxer Packaged Solutions (BPS), which for the first time is available in both vertical and horizontal format to suit even more applications.

June 2017

BPS is a highly efficient, packaged AHU range up to 6m3/s in duty for the vertical units and up to 2m3/s for the horizontal units. Launched in stages during 2016, the vertical range was well-received by customers thanks to industry-leading quality, performance and ease of installation.

The development of BPS horizontal completes the popular range, allowing designers to install air handling units discretely on roof tops with the majority of the plant out of sight below parapets. The new horizontal range contains the same compactness, efficiencies and industry-leading classification levels as the vertical BPS units.

Nuaire believes the innovation of its new BPS range begins with its unique, super-strong construction which incorporates a thermally-broken extrusion with fixed panels sandwiched together, removing the need for additional silicon sealant to be added on-site. The tougher design saves energy, prevents leakage and reduces condensation damage, all of which increase the longevity of the product range.

This tough construction meets the highest levels of classification including D1 (Deflection) for increased longevity, L1 (casing leakage) for reduced energy consumption, and TB1 (thermal bridging of casing), which prevents heat loss and also lowers energy costs.

The ability to select a lower-profile unit that offers the same compactness, efficiencies and classification levels will be welcomed by customers, believes Caroline Radcliffe, Nuaire’s Commercial Product Manager. “BPS is a ground-breaking AHU range in many ways, not least because it is the only AHU range in the UK to offer both vertical and horizontal layouts. We are delighted to complete the range with the addition of the new horizontal units. We’re confident that in setting a new benchmark in packaged AHU design, we’re ensuring that our customers have better quality systems that simplify installation as well as saving energy”, she explained.

BPS Features

Another appealing feature of the BPS range is the wide choice of built-in, factory-tested controls to suit all site requirements. Nuaire’s respected Ecosmart Classic controls package was designed 20 years ago and is the UK’s leading ‘plug and play’ solution, providing 0-10v BMS interface, trickle and boost, as standard.

The newly launched ‘Ecosmart Connect’ is also available for BPS, providing demand-based control and full BMS via BACnet MS/TP. The controls range is further-enhanced with Ecosmart Adapt, which enables the BPS unit to adapt fully to site requirements; compatible with Trend, Siemens, Cylon and Schneider.

"By pre-wiring our units, and building-in and testing our controls, we can give customers assurance that their units will perform correctly, whilst saving them time and money by removing a complicated step in the installation process,” explained Mrs Radcliffe.

BPS also saves energy. The Thermal Wheel and Plate heat exchangers are up to 94% efficient, making them one of the most energy-efficient on the market. The range is ErP 2018 compliant. The addition of Ecosmart controls packages increases the potential energy-savings, enabling the customer to tailor the unit’s performance to suit changing user patterns. The unique thermally-broken construction further aids this energy-reduction by reducing air leakage and heat loss, making BPS an environmentally sound choice for energy-conscious consultants.

Consideration has been given to the installation of BPS, as reflected in its modular design. BPS is manufactured to be delivered to site in three or four sections for ease of manoeuvring. The range has a raised base frame for additional support and includes slots for forklift arms. Once in place, the unit modules are easily clamped together, and as the range is pre-wired and fully-tested, installation on site is safer and much quicker. While these features are innovative, the range couldn’t be simpler to select or install”, says Mrs Radcliffe.

Selection can be made using our Fan Selector software. And as a catalogue range, we are able to build-in extra features such as pre-wiring and factory-tested controls, all of which saves time and money. We’re confident that BPS meets the specification demands of consultants whist simplifying and speeding up the installation process for contractors, making this a truly hassle-free AHU solution.