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MD Wayne Glover Sets Out Clear Vision for Nuaire's Future

Strengthening Nuaire’s reputation for innovation and quality

July 2018

With a clear, determined vision of strengthening Nuaire’s reputation for innovation and quality, recently appointed Managing Director Wayne Glover has already achieved a number of the goals he set out to put Nuaire on this path, including investing in engineering and building customer engagement.

Wayne joined Nuaire in 1993 as a Product Development Engineer and through the next 24 years progressed in management and director roles in engineering, sales and commerce, to the post of Managing Director in January 2018. This in-depth experience across different aspects of the company has provided him with a rounded picture of Nuaire and a clear idea of where he wants to position the company and how to get there. “Nuaire is known as an industry leader when it comes to product”, states Wayne. “We were the first company in the industry to achieve BSI Quality Management ISO 9001:2015 accreditation for example. I want to really focus the company on innovation and quality to drive growth. ”To move towards this, Wayne revised the management and Director level structure at Nuaire. “This has provided a reinvigorated team who are directly engaging with customers to really understand what their needs are and provide innovative solutions”, states Wayne. “I have also been working on getting the different divisions at Nuaire more engaged with each other, bringing sales and commercial closer together, which is already reaping rewards.” Of course, for any manufacturing business investing in engineering is essential. Nuaire, with Wayne at the helm, has recently invested heavily in a revised production line for its flagship XBC range of high efficiency commercial heat recovery ventilation units.

A new flow-line manufacturing process has been introduced which has seen a 30% improvement in productivity. Wayne’s extensive experience isn’t just confined to Nuaire, having entered the ventilation industry as an apprentice at the age of 16. “Originally, I was thinking of doing something in electronics, but it was the early 1980s and jobs were in short supply in Wales.

I must have done 50 interviews around the UK before I secured an apprenticeship at Engart Fans in Hirwaun [Mid Glamorgan]. I learnt a lot from my time there and travelled around the world.” For someone who has spent so long in one industry, Wayne is able to offer good insight into the changes that have taken place over the years: “Whereas air movement was the main aspect of the ventilation industry there has been a change of focus which has come with greater awareness of the effects of air quality. On the product side there has been considerable improvements in product efficiency with far superior air flow rates. ”After more than three decades in the ventilation sector, you might wonder if Wayne had considered a change of scene: “I doubt many 16-year olds start out with a plan to work in a particular sector, but I was lucky to get a job in the ventilation industry”, he claims. “It’s been challenging and, despite being quite specialised, I’ve enjoyed many different roles.

It led me to Nuaire which is unique because of its family friendly atmosphere, even though it’s part of a large plc. The company has grown from 80 to 500 people in my time. A real strength of the company is that we all talk, engage and work together. It’s the kind of place where people support and help each other out. That’s hard to find.”

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