Customer Feedback to Thank for Increased AHU Sales

AHU Sales team

Leading ventilation manufacturer, Nuaire has revealed that responding to customer feedback has made a direct impact on the growth of its Air Handling Unit business which has increased by 15% in the past financial year.

In June 2012, Nuaire unveiled AireCAD, a simplified version of its AHU selection software, to its customers enabling them to make their own selections. In 2013, AHU manager Alun Thomas created a new post for a roaming AHU technical engineer who could, whilst out in the field, offer the same expertise in product selection as the company’s in-house technical estimating team. The new service has been so well-received by both contractors and consultants that Nuaire has now withdrawn its selection software and recruited a second AHU technical engineer to work with customers across the UK on a one-to-one basis.

AHU Manager Alun Thomas explained: “We have listened to our customers who tell us that they prefer the tailored support offered by our roaming AHU Specialist Engineers and our skilled technical estimators at head office over using software to make their own selections. It was evident that whilst customers were benefiting from the ease of making their own selections, due to the complexity of AHU selection, the expertise of the office-based estimators was still required to get the optimum selection for their requirements.”

We have reacted to this feedback by offering tailored design support at our customers’ offices. Our roaming AHU experts can discuss projects and give the best possible advice on how to achieve the most cost-effective or efficient AHU using our even more extensive version of AireCAD 2.0 software. This level of one-to-one support has proven a success with our customers and the service of our new external Engineers has certainly helped to secure new business for Nuaire and its customers. Prospective AHU customers have been hugely impressed with the Engineers ability to make instant selections during their meetings, and solve issues such as site access by redesigning the AHUs around the customers’ site restrictions.

Nuaire’s internal and external team have many years’ experience in AHU design and have worked on some major projects for some of the UK’s best-known organisations and brands. Hywel Boucher moved from Nuaire’s AHU team to the post of National AHU Technical Engineer in April 2013, in a trial that has already proved a success.

Hywel commented: “With over a decade in the industry both as a Senior Site Engineer and as an Estimator designing bespoke systems, I am able to accurately advise on the most technical aspects relating to AHU design, whether it's designing a system to fit through restricted access, to achieve stringent efficiency requirements, or to simply value engineer a design to reduce costs.

“Although many of our customers were initially utilising the online design package to select their own systems, the success we’ve seen recently has come from the direct approach of having an AHU specialist attend design or project meetings, with the full use of our Bespoke AHU design package.”

Now Mr Boucher is joined by a second senior office expert, Scott Francis, who brings to the role equal experience in the ventilation industry. Mr Francis will provide support to customers in London and the South East. He commented: “Having spent the last three years working with the AireCAD AHU software programme, providing quotations and technical support directly to consultant and contractor customers, I’m now looking forward to using this knowledge to help solve any problems that customers might face when selecting the optimum AHU for their projects.”


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