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Nuaire's Smart Approach to Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Nuaire, the market leader in the design and manufacture of energy efficient commercial and domestic ventilation systems, has gone live with a new system to expand its current service offering to its customers.

As the industry migrates closer to the Government launch date of January 2016, it is gradually becoming a necessity of clients, consultants and contractors alike to be able to react, adopt and develop 3D BIM models for all publicly funded projects. As a company that prides itself in its ability to provide up-to-date, modern selection tools and to innovate throughout its product design, we are proud to announce that on 3 June 2013, Nuaire went live with BIM; Building Information Modelling – being the first ventilation manufacturer in the UK to launch a catalogue library of products.

BIM is a software platform that allows you to integrate all elements of a buildings construction into one drawing or file. Each service element is then layered on top of the last providing clash detection and full co-ordination throughout the design phases. In addition to this, designers and construction teams are also able to co-ordinate site services during design and construction phases via accurate 3D modelling of the site. Individual phases and elements of the design can then be auto-scheduled or specifically sectioned out in the drawings. This will improve project timescales and is planned to reduce downtime on site. Key design features of the software include: Thermal models, acoustic analysis, building extensions and structural loading which all play a part of the “BIG BIM” portrayal.

Nuaire now has a dedicated BIM team offering libraries of CAD/Revit/BIM to a customer’s exact specification. Nuaire’s libraries offer collision detection through geometry, connection positions and weights. Project specific performance criteria and support for design, project management and building operations can be requested which will result in improved design efficiency. For enquiries please email:

DOWNLOAD OUR BIM FILES click here to be taken to our library.