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Clean Air Day – building ventilation on the front line

Mechanical ventilation systems have never had a higher profile. Their crucial role in making buildings safer and healthier was highlighted during the Covid-19 pandemic and recognised by leading scientists and politicians.

16th June 2022

Clean Air Day is an opportunity to reinforce that message; so the BESA webinar will feature reports from around the country including journalists working for the national print and broadcast media.

Contributors, including Stuart Smith Board Director and Indoor Air Quality expert, will share their experience of indoor air quality (IAQ) and experts will outline how buildings can be made infection resilient, but also support longer term health and well-being at home, school and in the workplace by removing harmful pollutants generated by everyday activities.

It will be an important exercise in ensuring the industry continues to build on the opportunities for better ventilation, filtration, and air cleaning to support comfort, productivity, and health.

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