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BPS Packaged Heat Recovery - Vertical
BPS Packaged Heat Recovery - Horizontal
BPS Packaged Heat Recovery - Vertical
BPS Packaged Heat Recovery - Horizontal
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BPS - ahu's Nuaires range
BPS - ahu's Nuaires range
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Boxer BPS

High-specification packaged air handling unit range designed to suit all project applications.

The Boxer BPS range has been designed, engineered, tested, and manufactured to provide the most efficient, best performing, most compact, and easiest-to-select air handling unit on the market.

Ideal for office ventilation system solutions and school ventilation solutions, the range is available in many configurations and is fully catalogue selectable. Units are available with either a high-efficiency plate heat exchanger or thermal wheel, with heating and cooling available upon request.

The Boxer BPS is fully supported by all Nuaire Ecosmart control platforms, providing simple integration into all project BMS. The Boxer BPS range is available up to duties of 6 m³/s.

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Features & Benefits


One-Piece Packaged Solution

Catalogue selectable, manufactured in sections for ease of maneuverability on site.

High Efficiency

High Efficiency

ErP 2018 compliant and available with either thermal wheel or plate heat exchanger


Maximum Specification

Unique patented construction design incorporating thermally broken extrusion with fixed panels to obtain TB1, D1, L1 & T2

Heating / Cooling

Heating & Cooling

A variety of heating and cooling options are available, including LPHW, electric heating, chilled water, reverse cycle and DX, to suit all project requirements

Complete Control

BPS units have the option to have Ecosmart controls included. The Ecosmart suite of controls is an energy-efficient demand control ventilation solution with a variety of platform options:

  • Ecosmart Classic - the first plug-and-play ventilation control on the market, Classic provides 0-10V BMS interface and trickle and boost as standard.
  • Ecosmart Connect - demand-based control option delivering network connectivity and advanced functionality. Full BMS integration via Bacnet MS/TP (by others) and can be expanded to Bacnet IP with an optional separate router.
  • Ecosmart Adapt - designed to meet all site/project requirements, Ecosmart Adapt with Trend IQ4E comes with 8DO expandion module and full Bacnet IP integration (by others). Trend is the current market standard, however, other control types such as Cylon, Siemens or Schneider can be incorporated (contact Nuaire for details).

Ecosmart Classic, Connect and Adapt are available with a wide range of sensors and enablers.

Mitsubishi Condensers

BPS Packaged Heat Recovery - Condenser

As well as its standard range of heating and cooling options, BPS units are available with Mitsubishi Mr Slim condensers for use with Ecosmart Connect or Adapt control.

Loose condensers come supplied with matching base frames for simpler installation (by others). If condensers are ordered, two pre-wired PAC controllers are installed on the internal control panel of the BPS unit.

Nuaire Health Check Service

Ensuring a clean bill of health for your Air Handling and Packaged Heat Recovery units. The Health Check is a service that will ensure your Nuaire unit is working as per the recommendations in the Nuaire installation and maintenance guidance documents. The unit is then ready for its commissioning procedure (by others). 

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