XBOXER XB55 heat exchange units, designed for schools, to meet BB101 & BB93

Energy efficient heat recovery units with specialist acoustic treatment proving very low noise levels.

Duty range up to 0.65m3/s.

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Compact and shallow unit ideal where space is a premium, overall depth is 470mm.

Features & Benefits:

  • Quiet solution – Units are double skinned with specialist acoustic treatment keeping breakout noise to its lowest possible levels
  • Optional heating or cooling – LPHW, Electric Heating or DX, chilled water cooling.
  • Matched silencers – Double skinned match silencers guarantee noise levels
  • ErP 2018 Compliant
  • High efficiency – Heat exchanger efficiency of up to 72%, alongside high efficiency motors and backward curved impellers.
  • Integrated summer bypass – Operates automatically via integrated factory set temperature sensors.
  • Quick commissioning – Integrated supply and extract fan allows precise system duty to be quickly and accurately set.
  • Guaranteed low cost ventilation & heating –Ooptional full re-circulation on start up ensures that the room is quickly and efficiently heated.
  • Wide range of ancillaries –Condensate pumps, filter options, CVD dampers and CO2 sensors
  • 5 year warranty – Ecosmart models for peace of mind. No control models have a 2 year warranty.

The unit shall be manufactured from galvanized steel with 25mm double-skinned panels with extruded aluminium frame. Each panel is lined with high density, multi-layered acoustic insulation providing extremely low breakout noise levels.

It shall include the following items: - a cross flow heat exchanger block with a thermal efficiency of up to 70%, automatic summer bypass, supply fan, extract fan, condensate drip tray c/w 15mm drain connection (alternatively a condensate pump shall be provided if specified), supply and extract filters (G4 grade pleated filters).

Fans shall be direct drive with high efficiency EC motors. Maintenance shall be via removable side panels allowing full access to the supply and extract filters, supply and extract fan motor wiring (terminal boxes). ~It is supplied complete with Ecosmart controls comprising integral infinitely variable speed controls with minimum and maximum adjustment for precise commissioning, run on timer, facia mounted failure indication, interface connections for Ecosmart sensors/enablers, dampers and BMS. The bypass damper actuator for the plate heat exchanger is fitted and pre-configured. For alternative control options please contact Nuaire directly.

The unit shall be supplied with a specialist mounting frame to enable it to be mounted directly to the underside of the slab. The depth of the unit shall not be greater than 470mm (excluding mounting frame).

Above specification is for Ecosmart control model. Contact Nuaire for No control option.

  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Constant Pressure Dampers (CVD*)
  • CO2 sensors (duct and surface mounted)