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Commercial Heat Recovery XBC+ 65 unit
Commercial Heat Recovery XBC+ 65 unit
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Xbc+ Ancillaries feature focus
Xbc+ Ancillaries feature focus
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Nuaire XBOXER XBC+ - Heat Recovery Units

Enhanced version of our award-winning range of packaged heat recovery units, featuring high performance, low noise, and the lowest depth by duty on the market.

An enhancement to XBC range of products, XBC+ improves on many of the original range’s market-leading features, making it easier to specify, install, and maintain.

Designed to optimise new and existing ventilation, these optimised ventilation units feature an innovative spigot arrangement, allowing the position of extract/intake ducts to be flipped to either left or right-side during installation stage. This means that unit air path handling is flexible, giving more options at design stage and making installation simpler.

Units feature a plate heat exchanger with efficiencies of up to 95% and are available with LPHW or electric heating options as standard. Cooling modules are also available as an ancillary.

The combination of innovative design and flexible control options provides customers with the best possible commercial heat recovery system.

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Features & Benefits

High Efficiency

Highest Efficiency

Counterflow heat exchanger with efficiencies of up to 95%

Installation & Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

XBC+ has the option for either counterflow or enthalpy heat exchangers options. Enthalpy units can be installed in any orientation for design and install flexibility

Adjustable Ducting icon

Adjustable Duct Options

Inlet positions can be changed at installation stage for complete install flexibility

Space Saving

Space Saving Solution

Lowest depth by duty on the market


Wide Range of Ancillaries

Including matched silencers, F7 filters and roof terminals


Full Control

Integrated controls for quick and easy commissioning

Heat Exchanger options

XBC+ has the option for either counterflow or enthalpy heat exchangers options. Enthalpy units can be installed in any orientation for design and install flexibility.

Commercial Heat Recovery XBC+ feature Enthalpy

Counterflow or Enthalpy available


Haven IAQ Module XBC+


Available as a matched ancillary, the Haven IAQ Module is an in-line duct-mounted filtration solution, allowing for advanced filtration to a space.

Modules have multiple filter options – from G4 all the way up the activated carbon. Modules are matched for use with the XBC+ range but can be used as an in-duct filtration solution with other Nuaire ranges, such as DAVE Supply.

Full Control

XBC+ units are available with Ecosmart controls. Ecosmart enables systems to be accurately, but simply commissioned via an integrated speed control.

XBC+ units have the option of various control platforms:

  • Ecosmart Classic – the UK’s leading energy-efficient plug-and-play solution. Provides 1-10V BMS interface, trickle and boost as standard.
  • Ecosmart Connect – demand-based control expanded to provide network connectivity and advanced functionality.
  • Ecosmart Adapt – project specific, Adapt can be tailored to utilise other control platforms such as Trend, Johnson’s or Siemens.
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