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UNI-X Heat Recovery Unit Range
UNI-X Heat Recovery Unit Range
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XBOXER Universal

High performance heat recovery units specifically designed for multiple-occupancy projects.

The range meets the varied needs of commercial multiple-occupancy projects, setting itself apart with high efficiencies, low SFP’s and ultra-low noise levels.

Commercial spaces come in all shapes and sizes, from offices and apartments to care homes and student accommodation. The XBOXER Universal is available in 3 sizes that can accommodate up to 12 clusters of rooms, including a kitchen and communal living space.

We appreciate that spaces with high occupancy levels require a unique solution. With that in mind, we have developed a range that ensure the highest levels of indoor air quality with minimal maintenance and occupant interaction.

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Features & Benefits

High Efficiency

High Efficiency

Counterflow heat exchanger with efficiencies of up to 90% (Eurovent certified), resulting in low SFPs


Superior Acoustic Solution

Unique casing with internal profiling and external acoustic cladding ensures lower noise levels


Simple to Use Controls

In-built control facility, factory tested to provide trickle and boost with a choice of boost switches available

Automatic 100% Bypass

Guarantees the delivery of fresh, clean air in Summer months

Installation & Maintenance

Easy to Maintain

G3 filters fitted as standard to both supply and extract air paths which can be accessed easily from the underside of the unit

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