Air Handling Units

Nuaire has been at the forefront of packaged Air Handling Units for over 20 years, designing and manufacturing market-leading ranges


All packaged AHUs are manufactured in the UK and in state-of-the-art production facilities, then fully tested to ensure the high quality standards and guaranteed on-site performance that you expect from Nuaire.

Nuaire’s newest range is Boxer Packaged Solutions (BPS), a highly-efficient pre-selected AHU range available in both vertical and horizontal configurations for greater site flexibility.

For larger, more complex projects, Nuaire’s Boxer Bespoke can be tailor made to suit any application requirements up to 20m3/s.

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When launched in 2000, Ecosmart Boxer revolutionised the industry by providing the best solution for performance and energy-efficiency, then enhanced it with the Ecosmart ‘plug and play’ control.

Fast forward sixteen years and the New Boxer Packaged Solution (BPS) has been designed, engineered and tested to provide the most efficient, best performing, most compact and easiest to select commercial air handling unit on the market.

BPS can be supplied in many configurations to suit the project or application and is available with either a high efficiency plate HX (ErP 2016 or 2018) or thermal wheel (ErP 2018). BPS also has options for recirculation, heating and cooling, upon request.

A major innovation in the new BPS range is its unique, super-strong construction which incorporates a thermally-broken extrusion with fixed panels sandwiched together, removing the need for additional silicon sealant to be added on-site. The tougher design saves energy, prevents leakage and reduces condensation damage, all of which increase the longevity of the product range.

Ecosmart Controls enhance the range, giving end-users full control of energy-usage. All control panels are internally fitted and factory-tested for faster, hassle-free installation.

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Our custom-made AHUs cover functions for applications with special demands: energy efficiency, high performance and fast commissioning are some of the features available in our packaged and custom air handling unit ranges.

All Boxer Bespoke AHUs are tailored to your needs. The XBOXER preconfigured range offers an off-the-shelf solution and our bespoke AHUs are fully-tailored to suit your project, even down to 1mm increments in the dimensions.

Nuaire's AHU technical estimators use a specialist parametric software called aireCAD which provides instant CAD drawings, accurately calculated weights, detailed data sheets, fully customisable, specialist components and much more.



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