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MRXBOXAB-ECO-LP2 Low Profile MVHR unit

MRXBOXAB-ECO-LP2 is part of the MRXBOX range of heat recovery MVHR systems. Offering the lowest specific fan power of any low-profile void mounted unit. Specifically designed to fit easily into apartments with ceiling void restrictions and where space is at a premium.

Mounted within the ceiling void space, the low-profile unit has a host of low-energy features and benefits; the unit is designed with automatic 100% bypass as listed on the SAP product characteristics database (PCDB).

With summer bypass function, this feature activates automatically and attempts to maintain the home at a comfortable temperature.

The unit comes with 2 year warranty (including parts and labour).


Features & Benefits

High Efficiency

High Efficiency

heat exchanger is up to 80% efficient resulting in low SFPs and a high SAP score

Space Saving

Space Saving Solution

very low profile at 200mm deep making it ideal for apartments with space restrictions


Meets Regulations

SAP recognised and meets Part F & L of Building Regulations

Healthy Home

Healthy Living Environment

Improves indoor air quality and prevents condensation by keep moisture levels low

Quiet Operation

Quiet Operation

Acoustic lining ensures low noise levels

MRXBOX-VSC Touchscreen

MRXBOX-VSC Touchscreen


  • ISO Coarse filters
  • MRXBOX-PIR (Passive Infared)
  • MRXBOX-HUM (Relative Humidity)
  • MRXBOX-RFI (Remote Fail Indicator)
  • Visual system controller compatible - 3.5” touch screen display

Replacement filters can be purchased via our Xpress Website.

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