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5 Advantages of Installing MVHR



5 Advantages

By Tammy James, Senior Marketing Executive, September 2019

Nuaire offer the widest range of Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and is the most effective method of ventilating your new build home as well as being easy to install. Here at Nuaire we offer a free design service! Give us your plans and we’ll do all the hard work for you! Here are just 5 of many advantages why this range is so good.

  1. Replaces the need for individual extract fans and trickle vents
  2. Removes pollutants from the air and keeping condensation at bay
  3. Improves your indoor air quality. Fresh, filtered pre warmed air is supplied into habitable rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms
  4. Very little maintenance required – we recommend filters are changed / cleaned annually *(this does depend on the environment you live in)
  5. MVHR units are cost effective to run - typically 6p per day *based on electricity costs of 14p kWh, (bathroom and two wet rooms)

House MVHR ECO With Roundels