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How To Clean Your MVHR Filters

Keeping it fresh whilst keeping in the heat

Pollutants In Your Home 

The drive towards creating a more energy-efficient home has encouraged homeowners across the country to make their houses airtight. What most people don’t consider is the effect this has on the air quality inside the home. These air-tight construction methods can result in poor indoor air quality as condensation and pollutants remain trapped inside the home produced by everyday activities such as washing and drying clothes, cooking food, and even breathing. If this moisture remains in the air, it can cause condensation, which can then lead to mould growth and potential health problems.

Fresh air is a critical part of having a healthy, happy home. Proper ventilation ensures that air pollutants are not present in the home, removing their potentially hazardous effects and eliminating condensation. The MVHR-ECO range offers year-round ventilation that will improve indoor air quality whilst recovering the heat that would otherwise be lost outside. Nuaire’s MVHR systems provide optimised, balanced ventilation with 95% heat recovery efficiency.

This wall or cupboard-mounted unit is compact, lightweight and quiet, yet powerful enough to ventilate up to five wet rooms. What’s more, installing an MVHR system will help you to comply with current building regulations, providing you with peace of mind for years to come.

Keep the air in your house fresher for longer by replacing your MVHR-ECO filters

The filters (located on the front of the unit) need to be cleaned or replaced, depending on your environment, every 12-18 months to keep the air in your home fresh.

Step 1

Take hold of one of the circular tabs at the end of the filter cover and pull to remove the filter cover panel.

Step 2

Grab the removal loop at the edge of the filter and pull to remove the filter from the unit.

Step 3

Pull to completely remove and replace if necessary.

Step 4

If dirty, filters can be gently hoovered to clean. Reverse previous steps to replace the filter.

For replacement filters, either scan the QR code located on the front panel of your unit or contact Nuaire and quote the filter part number that corresponds with your MVHR unit. For example: MVHR-ECO2-FILTERKIT G3 if you have a MRXBOX-ECO2 or MRXBOXAB-ECO2.

For technical assistance or further product information, including spare parts and replacement components, please contact the Nuaire After Sales department on 029 2085 8400 or

To purchase filters and accessories directly online, visit our Nuaire Xpress website

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Nuaire’s MVHR systems provide optimised, balanced ventilation with heat recovery with 95% efficiency. Our systems will quietly and efficiently provide the home fresh, filtered air all year round, improving the indoor air quality and reducing dust and allergen levels.

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