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Extract Fan - Faith with Cord
Extract Fan - Faith with Cord
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Faith-Plus is a compact, filterless, continuous running decentralised mechanical extract ventilation fan designed for bathroom and wet rooms. Faithfully compliant, built to achieve the ventilation rates as set out in the latest edition of Part F and L Building Regulations.

Suitable as a social housing ventilation solution, the unit also has humidity sensors, which boost the functionality of the fan when the amount of moisture in the room exceeds normal levels. If the humidistat is activated, the unit automatically runs at comfort boost speed until humidity levels drop below the selected threshold. In AUTO mode, the humidistat triggers if there’s a steep humidity variation and humidity is over 65%.

Recommended for reactive and planned ventilation services, the unit has a 7-segment LED display which is visible by removing the front cover. The LED display illuminates upon pressing any button and stays on for 10 seconds after the last button press. As an additional safety feature, when the front cover is removed, the impeller stops turning.

Compliant with the latest building regulations and has great flexibility across various house type applications with higher vent rates, the fan has comfort boost, trickle, constant airflow modes, and a run-on timer provides energy-efficient ventilation by monitoring the performance of the fan – such as running hours, which is displayed on the display.

5-Year Warranty - 1-year parts and labour, remaining 4 years parts only. 

If you're a landlord, find out how the extract fan is a robust, landlord ventilation solution for residential properties.



Features & Benefits

Residential House

Flexible Solution

Great flexibility across various house type applications with higher vent rates.

Quiet Operation

Quiet Running

Night time delay prevents noise distrurbance

Healthy Home

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Continuously running fan provides on-going ventilation


Flow rates

Flexibility to meet exact flow rate as 1 l/s increments

Installation & Maintenance

Ease of Installation

Ease of set up and commissioning


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