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Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery system (MVHR)

Nuaire's MVHR systems are a whole-home ventilation solution that create a healthier living environment. The MVHR systems combine supply and extract ventilation in one balanced system with high efficiency and heat recovery, recover up to 95% heat from your home.

Heat Recovery (MVHR) Products

What Is MVHR and How Does It Work?

MVHR systems are a year-round, whole-home ventilation solution a proven low-energy and highly efficient ventilation method, typically installed in a utility room. MVHR is fast becoming the most common method of whole home ventilation for new build properties.

MVHR systems work by combining supply and extract in one unit. Moisture-laden, stale air is extracted from ‘wet’ areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms. The heat from this stale air is recovered via a heat exchanger, and this tempered air delivered into the living areas of the home.

Nuaire’s MVHR range recovers heat up to 95% efficiency, making it the most effective range currently available. In warmer months when cooling is required to maintain comfort levels, Nuaire’s MVHR Eco range offers 100% automatic bypass with no reduction of airflow.

What’s more, MVHR systems provide continuous trickle ventilation to ensure a consistently level of fresh filtered air into the property to maintain adequate indoor air quality.

Why Choose a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery System (MVHR)?

MVHR Systems are the preferred method in airtight homes as they are super-efficient and create the best quality of air all-year round. Our MVHR systems improve indoor air quality and reduce dust and allergen levels too.

Nuaire offers the widest range of MVHR systems available in the UK, designed to suit every size and type of property - from small apartments to homes with up to seven wet rooms.

Take a look at our MVHR products and get in touch for more information about installing them in residential properties.

What Are the Benefits of an MVHR System?

  • Filtered incoming air, improving the indoor air quality throughout the home providing health benefits to respiratory suffer's.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Ventilation Solution.
  • Acceptable noise levels as set out in Part F building regulations.
  • Compact and easy to install.
  • Fan controls designed for quick and easy commissioning.
  • Options for 100% automatic bypass and integral frost protection.
  • Low maintenance and easy access filters (no tools required)

Are MVHR Systems Efficient?

MVHR systems are the most efficient way of distributing heat and ventilating homes. The system is a much eco-friendlier alternative to intermittent or continuous extract fans, which extract air and heat from the building, potentially wasting energy generated from within the space as air is thrown outside.

With Nuaire MVHR systems, up to 95% of energy is reused and not wasted because the heat exchanger pre-warms fresh air before it enters the space.

Building Regulations and Ventilation Systems

When you are building a property or changing an existing dwelling, you should comply with building requirements to ensure that the installation of a ventilation system is compliant with the regulations.

All residential buildings throughout the UK and Ireland must conform to the relevant Building Regulations regarding ventilation to reduce excess condensation and damage to structures, as well as ensure indoor pollutants do not build up to harmful levels.

Installing an MVHR system will help you to achieve a high score in SAP, and to comply with Building Regulations Part F & L. Our MVHR systems come with a comprehensive installation guide and our team are also on hand to offer any guidance and advice on installing an MVHR system in your property.

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