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Stamp out moisture for good

If condensation, damp, and mould problems are common in your properties. If they recur year after year despite all the damp-proofing courses, paints, and dehumidifiers you’ve tried in the past, then maybe it’s time to try something new.

The Ventilation Solution

By Stephen Glass, Technical Sales Manager, October 2020

Even the simplest mechanical ventilation systems are designed to create air movement, helping fresh air enter the house and exhausting warm, stale, and damp air. Natural ventilation is often inefficient and can bring in poor air quality from the outdoors, whereas mechanical ventilation can filter these pollutants out.

Excess moisture collects in stagnant air and causes condensation, damp, and mould problems to occur within the property. Introducing a mechanical ventilation system will stamp out moisture for good and create a healthy living environment where condensation, damp, and mould can’t exist.

Retrofitting to a current property

Mechanical ventilation can be retrofitted to almost any house, apartment, and commercial premise. It’s important to choose the right ventilation system for the size of the building to ensure the system is working effectively.

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Designing into the building plan

The best solution for keeping costs to a minimum is to design the mechanical ventilation system into the building plans. Nuaire provides a free drawing service to make sure you’re getting it right.

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