Andy Mudie - Business Operations & Marketing Director

Andy Mudie joined Nuaire in 2008 following a career in business development and marketing in various engineering firms in the US, EU and UK. Heading up the business operations and marketing team for Nuaire, Andy provides hands-on management of the company’s commercial office, marketing communications activity and business development.  A chartered marketer with strong NPD experience, Andy completed an Engineering degree at Brunel University and has an MBA from Warrick University.  A passionate and energetic member of Nuaire’s directorship, Andy’s work is focused on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Often described by his work colleagues as ‘100 miles per hour’, Andy prefers recreational activities that raise the pulse. He’s a keen runner and part of the Crossfit exercise cult, enjoys active days out with his young family, and is interested in sculpture and architecture. He is also an expert in high quality beer having spent considerable time in Belgium.