Is Condensation Mould Growth Really That Bad For Your Health?

Tuesday 7th October 2014

Richard Hughes,Residential Sales Manager

So many people within the social housing sector have asked me over the last twenty years or so to give my opinion on the true hazards presented by...

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Innovation is the Key to Driving Energy Efficiency

Thursday 4th September 2014

Mark Huxtable, Nuaire Group CEO

A repetitive theme commonly discussed within the air movement industry is the continuing drive towards energy efficiency. All modern manufacturers...

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How You Can Meet Regs, Lower Energy Bills and Boost Air Quality with MVHR

Monday 1st September 2014

Andrew Sellman, Residential National Sales Director

Rising energy prices are having a major influence on the way we live in our homes and how new homes are being built. Homeowners are increasingly...

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Is there a quicker way to insulate ducting?

Thursday 14th August 2014

Wendy Thomas, Residential Product Manager

Dear Wendy, I am installing an MVHR system in a new build property and have read in the domestic compliance guide that ducting needs to be insulated...

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We Have Lift-Off! How the XBC Range Grew and Grew

Thursday 7th August 2014

Gareth Williams, Internal Commercial Manager

Exciting times are ahead of us at Nuaire with the launch of our XBC product extension. The CIBSE award winning product has been proven hugely...

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