DRI-ECO-RH is an optional, wireless Remote Humidity sensor compatible with the DRI-ECO-LINK-HC and DRI-ECO-HEAT-HC and DRI-ECO3S-HEAT-HC Positive Input Ventilation systems.  

This wireless sensor continually monitors the humidity levels within the property and intelligently sends a signal back to the unit to ensure the correct amount of airflow is being delivered into the home.

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The DRI-ECO-RH is an optional control, which can be situated anywhere in the home.

Features and Benefits:

  • Automated technology - The PIV unit receives a signal from the DRI-ECO-RH and intelligently boosts the fan speed to provide additional ventilation when high humidity levels are measured, to maintain a healthy living environment for the occupants
  • Wireless Controls - Compatible PIV units are controlled via radio frequency, therefore no unsightly wires are visible within the home
  • Extremely low power consumption - By using 2 Alkaline AA batteries (approx 2 years life) provided with the sensor
  • LED display - This has an energy saving mode and will only indicate the RH levels within the home when the indent button is pressed
  • Easy installation - Switch comes with adhesive tape pre fitted on the back, or the option to screw to the wall if desired

The DRI-ECO-RH is supplied with 2 x AA batteries.

Upon purchase it is ‘bound’ to the PIV unit in the loft space via radio frequency, making it a wireless control option.

Sensor can be fitted with screws or the supplied adhesive tape.

The DRI-ECO-RH is an optional control, which can be situated anywhere in the home.