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Drimaster-eco-lc PIV unit
Drimaster-eco-lc PIV unit
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Drimaster-Eco Range

Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) is the most effective method of curing and preventing condensation dampness. Essentially the concept is to introduce fresh, filtered air into the dwelling at a continuous rate, encouraging movement of air from inside to outside. To achieve this, the unit is mounted in the loft space, drawing air through the filters and inputting it, at ceiling level, into the property. An integrated heater tempers airflow should the temperature in the loft space drop below a set point, ensuring ultimate comfort in the home.

We have 9 different model types, starting with our basic model below that have been designed for occupant preference and house type. 

H&V News awards 2021 -  Drimaster-Eco Nox product highly commended in the Domestic Product of the Year category.




Basic model with controls sited on the unit within the loft. The unit is fitted with an internal temperature sensor. This sensor continuously monitors the temperature in the loft, boosting the air volume when the loft temperature is above a set level (heat recovery mode). If the loft temperature becomes excessive the unit will switch to standby mode (no airflow). Once installed, the airflow can be set to suit the house size and, if required, the way it responds to the temperature changes within.

The unit comes with a 5 year warranty: 1 year parts and labour, remaining 4 years parts only (UK and Ireland only).

Features & Benefits


Cures Condensation

Reduces humidity in the air, curing condensation dampness and preventing mould growth

Healthy Home

Healthy Living Environment

Removes both indoor and outdoor pollutants from the home, overall improving indoor air quality


Meets Regulations

Meets Part F & L of Building Regulations as a low-energy ventilation strategy

Obstructive Design

Unobtrusive Design

Ceiling diffuser is a modern and sleek circular design to help it blend into any home environment

Cost saving

Low Maintenance Costs

Filters only need to be changed every five years. The unit is fitted with a filter change indicator.

Drimaster Post 2001 Filter

Filter for Drimaster-Eco Range


Filters can be purchased through our Xpress website - Post 2001 Drimaster Model replacement Filter.

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I think these units are amazing, so simple but soooo effective, I bought this one after dad had one in his house from 1977 that just worked forever. This one in my house has 100% cured the problems of condensation and damp we were having and I recommend it to everyone!


I just wanted to thank you for your excellent product, the Drimaster-Eco. My bungalow has suffered from condensation since it was new in 1984. Wet windows, peeling wall paper, black mold. You name it, we've had it!! A few months ago, I heard about your products and to be I honest I was skeptical to say the least. However, I did some research the results of which were all extremely positive so I "bit the bullet" and purchased the Drimaster-Eco. The results have been remarkable!!! No more wet windows, no more black mold. Fantastic!!. Thank you!! I only wish Id heard about you sooner. I will continue to recommend your product as I have done to two neighbours and others recently.

A Chatwin


This really works. We suffered condensation & damp for 20 years before we installed a Nuaire Drimaster unit. It's been fitted now for 5 years & after the first 3 weeks we haven't suffered condensation or damp since. Thanks Nuaire



Just wanted to say what an amazing difference fitting your Drimaster PIV units has made to our house. Read about these units on the internet after researching how to deal with black mould and condensation on our windows. We’ve lived in our double glazed, cavity filled bungalow for 4 years and despair at the mould that appears every autumnal and winter. I found it hard to believe that such a simple solution would resolve the problem. I can’t believe the difference in condensation in less than 24 hours.

M Gregory


Absolutely delighted with our new DRI-ECO-HC ventilation system. Worked straight away, no condensation in wardrobes and walls dry. Struggled for 2 years trying to solve this problem.

J Potter


I fitted a Drimaster heat in my bungalow. We suffered with condensation problems, now the problem has gone!

Homeowner – Mr R Willis

More information about Positive Input Ventilation

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How Does PIV Work

Positive Input Ventilation is the most effective method of curing and preventing condensation dampness. Installed in over 1 million homes, PIV is the UK’s most popular method of low-energy, whole-home ventilation.

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