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Twin Squif Bifurcated Fan
Twin Squif Bifurcated Fan
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Twin Squif

Motor out of airstream commercial twin fan extractors range designed for high volume and high-pressure applications.

Units feature a backward curved centrifugal impeller, providing high-pressure development suitable for ducted systems and kitchen canopies with extreme filtration.

The motor being out of the airstream means that it cannot be damaged by pollutants such as grease in the air, making the Squif range ideal for kitchen applications.

Twin fan units feature two fans working in sequence. One fan will work for 12 hours at a time, before turning itself off and handing work over to the next fan. This means that fans are not on 24/7, extending their life. It also means that if one fan fails, the other is there to continue working until a replacement is sourced.

The Squif range is available up to duties of 6 m³/s



In-line centrifugal fan suitable for both vertical (upwards) & horizontal mounting. The unit casing shall be heavy gauge galvanised steel.

Features & Benefits

Fan Guarantee

Guaranteed Ventilation

Twin fans come with 12 hour auto-changeover which helps extend fan life and guarantees 24/7 ventilation even in the even of fan failure

MOTOR Airstream

Motor out of Airstream

Ensures that the motor cannot be damaged by contaminants, such as grease in the air


Ideal for High Resistances

A backward-curved centrifugal impeller makes Squif perfect for systems with high resistances, such as extreme filtration

Acoustic Enclosure

Squif with Acoustic Enclosure

For superior acoustics, Squif fans can be supplied as a complete unit with an acoustic enclosure pre-fitted.
The acoustic enclosure is manufactured from robust and weather resistant 50mm Aluzinc panels around the unit with an acoustic lining

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