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ILMEC Single Fan
ILMEC Single Fan
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In-line mixed flow single tube fan range.

Recommended as a commercial single fan extractor, the ILMEC units are high-performance and efficient tube fans utilising EC motor technology. Units come with simple-to-use 0-10V controllers and are manufactured from the lightweight polypropylene-moulded casing for ease of handling and installation.



Features & Benefits

High Efficiency

High Performance

Efficient EC motor technology ensures low power consumption whilst maintaining high unit performance

Installation & Maintenance

Quick and Easy Installation

Comes with an in-built mounting plates and can be installed in any orientation

Quiet Operation

Quiet Operation

Latest EC technology ensures low sound levels even under high pressure, with separate in-line silencer available for further attenuation


Simple to Use Controls

Fan is controlled by 0-10V control signal with separate speed controller available as an ancillary

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