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DAVE - Extract & Supply Single Fan
DAVE - Plant Room Installation
DAVE - Extract & Supply Single Fan
DAVE - Plant Room Installation
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Range of single fans for internal or external applications. Fans are available in supply and extract and can installed at any orientation for installation flexibility.

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DAVE is a range of high performance Supply & Extract Fans in seven case sizes. All models feature a patented 'floating fan' design, negating the requirements for further anti-vibration mounts. Fans are single-skinned construction and manufactured from a robust aluzinc which is proven to last five times longer than standard galvanised steel and provides a higher resistance.

Fans can be mounted in any position, in any orientation, internally or externally and do not require any additional weather protection. DAVE provides the highest possible installation flexibility.

Flexible Installation

Flexible Installation Options

Units can be installed at any orientation and are suitable for internal or external mounting as standard

High Efficiency

Latest EC motor technology designed to meet latest legislation and building regulations with ultra-low SFPs

Quiet Operation

Patented 'floating fan' technology and in-built attenuation pods as standard ensure low breakout noise levels without the need for AV mounts


Robust Aluzinc Construction

Provides long life and helps minimize on site installation damage

Installation & Maintenance

Quick and Easy Installation

Units come pre-fitted with support brackets for quick install

Ecosmart Classic

Ecosmart Classic Controls

As standard, DAVE units come with Ecosmart Classic Controls fitted. Ecosmart enables systems to be accurately but simply commissioned via an integrated speed control. Minimum and maximum speeds are easily adjusted via the commissioning panel, ensuring no wasted energy or unnecessary noise generation - the fan will work to the exact speed you require.

All controls come pre-assembled, configured and installed directly to the fan. Everything is plug-and-play to save time and energy.

Supply Heater Options

DAVE fans are available in either Supply or Extract for the all-in-one solution. To ensure you're selecting the right fan for your project, DAVE Supply fans have three heater options for complete flexibility:

  • No Heater
  • Electric Heater Battery
  • LPHW Coil - supplied with 2-port Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICV)