Xtractor Constant Pressure Single Fan

Energy saving central extract system fan that precisely ventilates individual rooms depending on their requirements.Up to 5.9 m3/s duty range.

Please note that this product can no longer be sold within the EU.

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Constant Pressure Variable Volume systems (CPVV) are systems of fans, controls & sensors installed in a ducted system. The system is intended to provide continuous background ventilation when the served space is unoccupied and will automatically increase the ventilation rate when occupied to the design requirement.

Quietest Systems - Nuaire’s unique integrated silencer means that your systems acoustic requirements both induct (suction side) and breakout are maintained whilst saving space on site.

Features & Benefits:

  • Quiet Operation  - Does not generate noise by throttling back on balancing dampers required in conventional systems
  • True Demand Ventilation  -Only the areas requiring ventilation receive ventilation.
  • Saves Energy - up to 70% saving over conventionally controlled central systems. Not needlessly extracting conditioned air - Fan speed/motor power dictated by demand requirement
  • Unique Direct Acting Multiposition Damper/Grille -Ensures operation only when room occupied with integrated PIR
  • Pre-Wired - All components assembled, wired and tested at the Nuaire manufacturing facility - Simply plug and go
  • Integrated Silencer - sizes 6 to 9
  • Duct Mounted Version Of Damper  - for unobtrusive flexibility
  • Twin Or Single  - Twin or single fan options are available

The vitiated air shall be extracted from the space using an energy efficient constant pressure principle via a variable air volume motorised damper/grille installed in each area, as detailed in the schedule.

The extract fan shall automatically vary its speed as the system pressure varies; the variation in pressure is caused by the opening and closing of the Nuaire CVD extract damper. The damper is autonomous of the fan and requires no field wiring connecting it to the fan. The damper positions are open (boost) and closed (trickle). When the damper is closed, the grille will allow approx. 8 litres/sec flow rate, as background ventilation. The inline damper has an integrated airflow sensor which continuously monitors and controls the amount of air being moved. The air volume is adjusted via minimum and maximum potentiometers on the side of the CVD damper.

The duct mounted damper CVD requires a 230V connection/power supply. Signal from 230V switch live i.e. light switch, PIR, humidistat etc.

Once commissioned and set to work, the fan will maintain the preset pressure by varying its speed as the ventilation requirement within each area varies i.e. as dampers open and close. If the requirement exceeds the maximum or minimum limit, the fan will remain at the design/ limiting speed.

Each acoustically lined low noise Single fan shall be fitted with an integral Ecosmart control inclusive of pressure transducer and inverter drive. The fans shall have the following energy saving and operational functions integrally installed within the fan unit, all components will be pre-wired and fitted by the manufacturer:

  • Integral operating pressure adjustment (target pressure).
  • BMS interface 0 - 10V.
  • Volt free run & failure/status indication.
  • 4no. low voltage sockets for interconnection of remote failure indicator.

Fan, integrated Ecosmart controls and associated sensors/controllers shall be manufactured by Nuaire.


  • Optional trickle/boost flow rate.
  • Externally adjusted settings.
  • CVD helps balance system.
  • MEMS provide precise measurements and control of flow rate.


The installer shall allow for all necessary ductwork transformations to and from the fan unit and any associated components in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations, DW 144 and general good practice.

Electrical installation requires the provision and connection of three phase sizes 15 to 19 inclusive.

A volt free run/fail status indication at the fan.

A single phase supply to the duct mounted damper version CVD/NRG.

A single phase supply to the transformer feeding the grille with integrated damper and PIR, the 12V output of which is connected to the grille.


The systems should be commissioned in the normal way and the operating or target pressure (inlet side of unit only) set via a potentiometer in the integral set-up box within the fan unit. This should be adjusted until the required air volume flow rate is achieved on the approved measuring device.

With units and spare parts in stock in our 100,000ft2 storage facility components and spares are on the shortest lead time possible. Nuaier has also invested in over £2.2M in sheet metal production machinery to ensure you get your AHU on time.

  • Apartments & Flats
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Student Accommodation
  • Care Homes
  • NRG control grille
  • Humidity control
  • CVD Damper