OEM AXUS Agriculture

Nuaire's Axus is a range of comprehensive Axial fans manufactured to cater for the demanding process requirements for the crop and produce drying application.

Our dedicated Industrial technical sales team can provide bespoke project requirements for volume flow and variable pressure for Agricultural applications. 

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After Sales Support
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Nuaire has developed a comprehensive range catered to meet your project volume flow and variable pressure requirements. Nuaire’s vast experience and proven record gives you the added benefit of knowing that we will always find the most appropriate solution for your needs.

Features & Benefits:

  • IE3 Efficiency - Motor fitted as standard, IE3 & 1E4 also available on request
  • Case Design - Short case, long case or Bellmouth inlet
  • Application Tested - ISO 5801:2017 Type: D (Ducted) & Type: A (Open Inlet/Outlet), air performance & sound, representative to meet you’re application
  • Size - short, medium & long fan case executions are available, fabricated from hot dip galvanised steel after manufacture as standard. Stainless steel optional available on request
  • Temperature -50/+60ºC (Stop/Start) minimum operating temperature as standard.
  • Anodised aluminium -  Finish motor as standard, ensuring a paint free construction eliminating the potential for paint particles contaminating process
  • Impeller material  - Options in aluminium, PAG & PPG 304 & 316L stainless steel
  • Adjustable - Pitch Aerofoil & Sickle impeller blade profiles
  • Robust - Corrosion resistant construction
  • IP56 - as standard ensuring protection against aggressive wash down processes.
  • Dual Frequency - 50/60Hz (400/460/3/60Hz) with an option for spot wound 380/3/60Hz motors.
  • Motor PTO thermostats & drain - Holes included as standard to eliminate on-site service & warranty issues

The Axus Long, medium or short case axial range is available in a wide range of diameters from 250-1800mm, with volume flow rates ranging from 0.1 to 40m3/s.  All units are manufactured from hot dip galvanised steel as standard, with stainless steel 304 & 316 available on request.  A wide range of adjustable pitch aerofoil & sickle impeller designs to cater for your air performance, sound and efficiency demands. Purpose designed electric motors available in a Foot or Pad mount construction suitable to operate from -50 to 60 Deg.C (Stop/Start). All motors are complete with PTO thermostats, constructed to IP56 with motor drain holes and self-finish aluminium ensuring a paint free construction.

Dryers for:

  • Grain
  • Barley
  • Wheat
  • Oil Seeds
  • Cereals
  • Coffee
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit

Coolers for potatoes

  • Ventilation in Horticultural & Livestock
  • Bellmouth Case
  • Inlet Cone
  • Spacer ducts
  • Fully stainless steel motors
  • Wide range of impeller & motor side guards, available in zinc passivate, 304 & 316L stainless steel
  • Matching Flanges
  • Matching Flanges with Swage
  • PTC thermistors
  • Anti-Condensation Heaters
  • Back draught Dampers
  • Airflow straighteners & Vortex breakers
  • Wide range of silencers available in galvanised sheet steel, 304 & 316L stainless steel
  • Mounting brackets
  • Anti-vibration kits to suit
  • Acoustic Jackets