Nuaire Builds Clever Homes


The Clever Homes scheme (Comfortable Living Environment & Energy Reducing Homes), delivered by the by the Northern Ireland Energy Agency and Sustainable Energy Ireland is a partnership scheme which both improves the health and quality of life for households. Using solar ventilation technology, it enhances air quality, tackles condensation and reduces energy consumption and therefore reduces bills. 

This project brings renewable technology to sections of the population which otherwise would be unable to afford it, having a positive effect on some of the least well off in our community. It is primarily funded by the European Union and a range of other funders. 

To date over 60 Sunwarm Tile systems and 60 Sunwarms have been installed in the Clever Homes energy efficiency scheme in order to improve indoor air quality and potentially reduce energy demands. 

The results to date have been outstanding and the documentary style DVD that was produced of interviews with clients, designers and tenants is a positive independent assessment of Sunwarm. You can view the video on the Nuaire's You Tube channel