Trago Mills, Merthyr Tydfil

Nuaire Brings Fresh Air to £65m Trago Mills Retail Development in Merthyr Tydfil.

The Project

The superstore has over 350 staff members and 215,000m of retail space, with the building stretching ½ mile long end-to-end. Over 30 years in the planning, and boasting over 80,000 products, the Trago Mills retail development presents an unrivalled shopping experience for local visitors and a major leisure attraction for Merthyr County Council. The site even hosts a variety of independent businesses, giving locals the opportunity to trade

McCann & Partners of Swansea carried out detailed design of the M&E services from October 2016. KIER was main contractor, with all M&E work being awarded to Lorne Stewart PLC. Construction on the project started in September 2016 and took 18 months to complete the bulk of the development, with further extensions and additional facilities now in construction phase.

Outstanding Customer Comfort

The Trago Mills superstore is a currently the largest retail space in Wales. Navigating such a large facility can take a few hours, and because of this, comfort was a key driver in the design of the store. Peter Powell of McCann & Partners advised: “We needed to design a ventilation strategy to provide adequate fresh air for the occupants, along with good levels of heat recovery.”

Nuaire supplied seven Bespoke AHUs, which were spread across three buildings. Due to its size, five of these AHUs were used in the main retail area, with thermal wheels quoted. The inclusion of thermal wheels meant the site could benefit from considerable heat recovery levels, whilst also minimizing the amount of space the units occupy due to the vertical stacking.

Space Saving Solutions

As well as its large retail spaces, the site also contains a number of office areas for staff and management. Heat recovery units were selected to ensure the same levels of comfort and efficiency as the rest of the store. Nuaire XBC units were specified, and designed to fit into the void spaces above the office areas.

Nuaire Technical Sales Manager, Rhys Tatchell, commented: “Comfort was the primary focus, not only for customers, but also for staff. Our XBC units mean that the office spaces will achieve high levels of heat recovery, with the minimum use of space. These units only require 260mm as a side access to the unit for filter maintenance– which means that, not only can space be saved for the installation, but time can be saved during maintenance in future.”

Peter Powell of McCann & Partners has much experience of specifying the XBC, having quoted it on several previous projects. He commented: “We have used XBC units quite extensively over the last few years and found them to be quiet and reliable. I personally like the fact that you are able to control the speed of each fan individually, and they can stand alone without BMS control.”


Trago Mills in Wales was highly anticipated, and has been praised for increasing footfall and employment to the Merthyr Tydfil area. Alongside the Air Handling Units, Nuaire also supplied a range of low-energy extract fans to the site, including Squif, Opus and Dave units, for areas including the offices and kitchens.

Nuaire will continue to quote and supply ventilation equipment as the store expands to include a new Leisure Village, containing a boating lake, a model railway and an indoor go-kart circuit.

Unit Applications

  • Bespoke AHU - retail spaces, model railway area, soft play area, kitchen supply
  • XBC – office spaces
  • Squif – kitchen extract
  • DAVE – dishwash canopy
  • Airmover - large dishwash canopy
  • XS – cleaners storage