Low depth single fan solution, for extract or supply that automatically reacts to environmental conditions. Up to 0.5m3/s duty range.

Please note that this product can no longer be sold within the EU.

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Compact multi-purpose fan with great performance, easy maintenance and matched ancillaries. The Ecosmart options is a cost effective, energy efficient solution varies the fan speed to suit the requirements.

  • Energy Efficient - Ecosmart controls provide the most energy efficient and cost effective solution by varying fan speed to suit the required units
  • Exact Ventilation - Low voltage plug-in sensors allow the extract rate to be automatically adjusted to suit the rooms specific requirement. Plug-in sensors and controls reduce the installation time on site
  • Compact Design - Low case height makes this unit ideal for restricted ceiling spaces. Unique, removable mounting bracket and integral AV mounts ensure quick and efficient installation and maintenance
  • Quieter Units - Casing is fully lined to provide high acoustic and thermal insulation properties ensuring very low noise
  • Cost Effective - All sensors are safe extra low voltage therefore eliminating the need for expensive main wiring between fan and controls
  • Efficient Packaged Solution - All fans and controls are an integrated package providing a simple to select and install system – eliminating the need for traditional control panels
  • Simple Commissioning - On board control pad allows for pre-setting of minimum and maximum fan speeds to suit design requirements – no main balancing damper required
  • Design Flexibility - Available in 6 case sizes, supply unit with LPHW or electric heater

In-line centrifugal fan. Low high casing rectangular in section manufactured from galvanised steel with rigid circular spigots fitted to both ends of the case. Fan assembly incorporates a high efficiency; backward curved impeller and a IP44 rated motor with integral 'Heatseeker' thermal overload protection. Fan assembly can be removed to reverse air flow direction. Unit supplied with unique, one bolt mounting bracket for ease of installation. The unit includes integral control of fully variable fan speed. The control optimises the parameters in response to the output of the matched range of S.E.L.V. sensors.

  • Apartments & Flats
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Toilets
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Supermarkets
  • Retail
  • In line attenuators
  • Filter cassette
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Electric Heater
  • LPHW Heater
  • Duct Heater
  • Supply / Extract cowl