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Fix the cause of condensation

By Claire Baldwin, Communications Marketing Executive, October 2020

Condensation dampness is a common problem in the UK, especially during winter months when opening windows and drying clothes outside is less practical. Without proper ventilation, the moisture produced from everyday activities such as cooking and bathing is trapped inside the home.

Indoor humidity levels should not exceed 50% as they create visible damp, mould, and condensation issues within the home. If the levels of humidity are not properly maintained, it can cause damage to both the inside and outside of the property, eventually leading to structural damage to building materials; rotting wood, disintegrating drywall, costing the property owner money for remedial work, and potentially reducing a building’s value.

The property will not only be very uncomfortable to live in, but the occupants may also become susceptible to respiratory disorders, allergic reactions, and asthma. Children are particularly vulnerable, with many experiencing issues with cognitive development when exposed to the mould that propagates in damp, warm environments. 

Remove excess moisture, remove the problem

Many homes rely on natural ventilation to exhaust stale air, but they are often inefficient and can bring in poor air quality from the outdoors. Mechanical ventilation can filter these pollutants out and even the simplest mechanical ventilation systems, such as a bathroom or kitchen extract fan, are designed to create air movement.

Excess moisture collects in stagnant air and causes condensation, damp, and mould problems to occur within the property. Introducing a mechanical ventilation system will stamp out moisture for good and create a healthy living environment where condensation, damp, and mould can’t exist.

For properties badly affected by condensation dampness, the most effective solution is a whole-home ventilation strategy.

Whole house ventilation solutions

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