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Faux School Project

Faux School Project

We work on hundreds of school projects each year and have supplied thousands of school ventilation systems over the years. This year, our XBOXER Hybrid range rounded off our comprehensive selection of school-suitable units, allowing us to not only offer mechanical ventilation but now also hybrid ventilation to classrooms. To highlight just how broad our range currently is, we have put together a faux-selection on what we consider best practice.



Each classroom is different, and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that works. BB101[1] has explored this in detail with its ‘ventilation types’ and suggests one of 13 types be used to ventilate a classroom; from complete natural to complete mechanical ventilation.

BB101 advises against ventilating via openable windows, and we agree. Most classrooms opt to ventilate using a hybrid strategy, as fan-assisted or demand-controlled hybrid ventilation provides energy savings, ensuring a greener building. Xboxer Hybrid is the perfect fit for this type of strategy, using natural ventilation with mechanical assistance to achieve higher airflow rates in hotter weather and guaranteed tempered recirculation in colder weather, keeping indoor air quality and thermal comfort to a maximum all year round.


These spaces are another example of an area that can quickly fill with air pollutants if adequate ventilation is not in place. One added pollutant seen in kitchens is grease which can evaporate, make its way through ductwork and eventually clog the motors of certain fans – to solve this problem; we suggest using a bifurcated extract fan.

Our Squif range of fans is bifurcated, the motor is out of the airstream to stop the potential damage from contaminants and grease-laden air. Another benefit of the Squif range is that some fans in the range are suitable for smoke extract in the event of a kitchen fire.


Science Labs, Server Rooms, Catering Kitchens and similar environments

These types of rooms usually require guaranteed airflow and demand control ventilation due to pollutants in the air. In these circumstances, we always suggest full mechanical ventilation. Supply and Extract fans are undoubtedly viable options. However, these can sometimes be inefficient as they remove warm air from the space, requiring internal heating to work harder. The most beneficial option is using a heat recovery unit; we suggest our XBOXER XBC range of packaged heat recovery units.

By using an XBOXER XBC, we can ensure consistent air change rates, but also efficiencies of up to 95%. For school projects, most of which regard low consumption as a must, this makes XBC the perfect option.

Hall, Atrium, General Extract

Schools can have large open internal spaces such as drama suites, halls or corridors. High levels of airflow can often result in high levels of power consumption, however, our BPS range of premium packaged AHUs is designed with industry-leading classification levels (L1, TB1, D1 and T2) and heat exchanger coefficients of up to 94%+ - this means that even when a tremendous amount of air needs to be moved, the building can remain as green as possible. Because not all projects are the same, we also offer a Bespoke AHU service, which will select and design a unit specific to the project requirements.
If you are working on an upcoming education project and would like some selections or a quotation, please contact us on 029 2085 8200 or email

[1] Department for Education (2018). BB 101: Ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality 2018. Education and Skills Funding Agency.


Without beating around the bush, without adequate ventilation, toilets and WCs can get rather smelly as the air begins to fill with pollutants. The industry-standard good practice for these spaces is Twin Fans.

Nuaire invented Twin Fans over 40 years ago to ensure 24/7 guaranteed ventilation – in the event of one fan failing, the other will take over until a replacement fan is sourced. Our Aire-Volve Twin Fan range is an example of high-efficiency Twin Fan ventilation with 12-hour fan auto-changeover built-in. This auto-share prolongs the life of internal components and acts as an ‘insurance policy’ to keep toilet ventilation up and running if ever a fan was to fail.

Written March 2019

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