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PIV - drimaster nox filter kit - nuaire
PIV - drimaster nox filter kit - nuaire
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DRI-NOX Filter Kit

Upgrade your Drimaster/Drimaster-Eco unit with the new NOX Filter Kit!

In order to reduce the hazardous effects caused by road traffic and industry pollution that naturally comes into the home, Nuaire has developed two new NOX filter kits which significantly upgrade the effectiveness of current blue Drimaster-Eco and green Drimaster units.

Each kit includes two carbon filters which can be installed into each inlet behind the ePM10 filter sleeves provided on the unit.

The carbon pellets inside the filters absorb dangerous pollutants like Nitrogen Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide (NOX) from the air, reducing levels within the home by up to 80%.

As with our Positive Input Ventilation Units & Sytems, the filters have been independently tested and proven by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to significantly reduce indoor air pollution which is linked to serious health conditions.

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Features & Benefits



Powerful carbon and ePM10 filters

Installation & Maintenance


Easy to install into your current unit

Flexible Installation

Cost Effective

Cost effective and low maintenance

Healthy Home

Living Environment

Creates a safe living environment


BRE Tested

BRE tested and proven to improve air quality

Available Kits

The DRI-NOX kit is compatible with both Drimaster-Eco model purchased after 2016 and our original Drimaster model purchased after 2001. 

Green Drimaster Model

You will need to purchase the DRI-NOX-KIT-GREEN kit.

Green Nox Transparent
Positive Input Ventilation - Drimaster-Eco NOX

Blue Drimaster-Eco Model

 You will need to purchase the DRI-NOX-KIT-BLUE kit.

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