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The MEV-ECO is a centralised extract system capable of extracting air from multiple wet rooms in a property.

The unit offers the latest in low-watt DC fans, combining AC supply and DC voltages to to bring you an extract fan that is both high powered and energy-efficient. The MEV-ECO provides quiet operation with reduced power consumption, low SFPs, and high airflow rates. At only 125mm deep, the unit saves space and ventilates up to 100 l/s. 

These MEV units are SAP recognised and have been designed to meet the most current building regulations, both Part F and Part L.

The unit comes with 2 year warranty (including parts and labour).

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Features & Benefits

High Efficiency


Market-leading energy efficiency

Space Saving - Low Depth

Low Depth

Only 125mm depth, ideal for properties with limited ceiling voice space

Installation options

Ease of Installation

Units do not have spigots, ducts can be run directly to the unit for simple install

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Multi-Room Extraction

Units have three inlets, capable of extracting from multiple wet rooms



MEV-ECO-H units have a built-in humidistat, allowing the unit to automatically adjust speed when humidity is high

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