Car Park Impulse System

Nuaire’s Car Park Impulse Fan Configuration units are typically used as part of a car park ventilation system; with a low profile and flexibility in configuration to suit the project requirements.

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  • High Temperature - fans are tested to comply to EN12101-3:2015, 300ºC & 400ºC for 2 hours
  • Space saving - low depth unit, maximising car park space availability
  • Quiet systems - unit incorporates inlet and outlet attenuators to reduce noise levels
  • Energy efficient - by monitoring the air quality and operating the system at its optimum level the overall motor power and running costs can be reduced by up to 40%
  • Cost savings - less ductwork can typically reduce costs by up to 30%
  • Quick and easy installation - single stage, ‘quick’ installation
  • Reversible options available
  • Painted options available

Fan section manufactured from pregalvanised steel incorporating integral guide vanes. The two attenuators are made from Aluzinc. The inlet silencer has a conical inlet, and the outlet silencer is standard execution. The axial case is fitted with integral guide vanes both made of pre-galvanised mild steel. The deflector on the outlet is manufactured from pre-galvanised steel and the inlet guard is zinc passivated.


Motors are pad mounted and totally enclosed and protected to IP55 with Class H insulation. Motors are available in two speed or single speed (with VSD operation).


Complete units are tested to BS EN 12101-3 for both 300°C and 400°C for two hours.


Available in either aluminium for 300°C for 2 hours application or high-efficiency mild steel blades for 400°C for 2 hours application to optimise both air performance and sound to suit the project requirements.


Inlet guards are fitted for safety purposes and to prevent debris from entering the fan. The unit is fitted with a specifically designed airflow deflector to direct the Jetstream from the fan at the required angle sufficient to overcome the natural buoyancy effect of the smoke. Reversible options are available. Contact Nuaire for details.

  • Car Parks
  • Tunnels
  • Anti-vibration mounts