Car Park Centrifugal Impluse fans are a system used to control and remove pollutants such as carbon monoxide on a day to day basis.

This space saving high temperature impulse centrifugal smoke fan is an ideal unit for car park and smoke applications with up to 2.69 m3/s duty range.

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Nuaire's Car Park Centrifugal Impluse fan are typically used as part of a car park ventilation system. 

Features & Benefits:

  • High Temperature - fans are tested to comply to EN12101-3:2015, 300ºC and 400ºC for 2 hours 
  • Space Saving - low depth unit only 227mm deep eliminates the need for ducting, maximising car park space availability
  • Energy Efficient - by monitoring the air quality and operating the system at its optimum level the overall motor power and running costs can be reduced by up to 40%
  • Cost Savings - less ductwork can typically reduce costs by up to 30%
  • Air Distribution - large coverage of area resulting in fewer fans being required

The SVTC unit comprising of centrifugal impeller, motor and all assembled components, shall be certified for high temperature operation at 300°C and 400°C for 2 hours, the range shall have been type tested to EN12101-3:2015. The Axus Main exhaust units and ancillaries shall have been type tested and certified for high temperature operation of 300°C for 2 hours to EN12101-3. The units shall be either 2 speed or inverter driven providing, low speed for day to day environmental extract and one off operation for emergency extract. Inlet guards are provided for safety purposes and to prevent debris being sucked through the fan. A specially designed airflow deflector directs the jet stream from the fan at the required angle sufficient to overcome the natural buoyancy effect of the smoke. The car park impulse units shall be the SVTC type and the main Exhaust units shall be the high temperature AXUS type all as manufactured by Nuaire.

  • Car Parks
  • Smoke Ventilation
  • Terminal box
  • Unique mounting brackets (for 2 stage quick installation)