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Case Study

New Charter

A decade providing whole-home ventilation solutions to social housing provider New Charter Housing.

The Project

Based in Greater Manchester, social housing provider New Charter Housing (now named Jigsaw Homes Tameside) had a housing stock of 18,600 homes. As with most old housing stock, the need to maintain a good state of repair is paramount to the health of the properties and the wellbeing of the tenant.

The Challenge

Damp, condensation and mould are genuine issues for thousands of social housing tenants across the country. Specialist knowledge is not always available within local authorities and registered social landlords, leaving organisations open to poor advice and inappropriate remediation work.

New Charter contacted Nuaire to offer the expertise needed to maintain their housing stock.

The Nuaire Solution

In 1994, Nuaire and New Charter formed a partnership, with Nuaire supplying the social housing provider with PIV units for both their planned and reactive maintenance. In March 2000, New Charter inherited
further homes from Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council in need of over £220 million of repairs and maintenance.

PIV was a perfect solution for New Charter, providing an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution to condensation and damp problems.

'New Charter's confidence in us to provide a solution to damp problems led to a 10-year relationship in which Nuaire ventilated nearly 20,000 homes.' Wendy Thomas, Residential Product Manager

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Planned & Reactive Maintenance

With one in five homes in the UK affected by recurring condensation dampness, it can become a huge problem for Local Authorities.

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